Should Governments Give Serious Consideration to Electric Car Only City Centres?

Should governments give serious consideration to electric car only city centres?
Should governments give serious consideration to electric car only city centres?

Over the last 12 months the subject of electric car only city centres has been discussed on numerous occasions, although so far no government has been brave enough to push through any formal regulations. The authorities continue to encourage the use of electric vehicles within city centres and have assisted with the creation of recharging stations networks but perhaps they could be doing more?

Only a few days ago we wrote about an expert in the field of electric vehicles who is suggesting that financial incentives should be focused towards commercial operations such as taxis and vehicle fleets. The idea is that taxis and vehicle fleets cover the most mileage per annum compared to your traditional motorist and therefore electric vehicles will be more visible under this particular strategy.

Health issues

While there are pros and cons with regards to electric vehicles, with some experts suggesting additional power requirements have their own impact upon the environment, there is no doubt that diesel/gasoline vehicles do impact air quality. Indeed a number of reports have suggested that the likes of asthma and other similar ailments are encouraged by air pollution caused by vehicle emissions.

Quote from : "Slowly but surely the electric vehicle market is moving towards the mass market but there are still particular elements of the industry and technology which appear to be stopping potential customers from buying electric vehicles. If you have thought about buying an electric vehicle, but have not yet done so, what is the one thing stopping you from going ahead with a purchase?"

The data on this particular subject is not conclusive but many people believe it does offer enough support for some governments around the world to introduce selective electric vehicle only city centres. This would very quickly improve air quality, assist in promoting electric vehicles to the wider public, further commercial opportunities as the number of electric vehicles on the roads would rise dramatically.

Are governments doing enough to promote electric vehicles?

This is a very hot topic at the moment, the fact that many governments around the world are offering financial incentives to those looking to purchase an electric vehicle while offering significantly greater support to the gasoline/diesel vehicle market. Indeed the US government spends billions upon billions of dollars each and every year protecting the country’s supply of oil from various sources around the world. While investment in the electric vehicle market is very much appreciated, it is but a fraction of that associated with the oil industry.

Whether or not the authorities in the US, and around the world, are just paying lip service to the issue of environmentally friendly travel is something which many people have different opinions upon. Whatever the case the fact remains that government investment, as well as commercial investment in the electric vehicle industry, is greater today than it ever has been. There are more EVs on the road, there are more companies looking to introduce electric vehicles, and thankfully the cost is starting to come down.


The Scottish government was one particular authority which was looking at banning petrol/diesel vehicles from city centres. While this law change is unlikely in the short to medium term it is certainly something which could be on the agenda in the longer term. The electric vehicle industry is more developed today than it ever has been and is on the verge of the mass-market, but perhaps it needs one more major push?

Which government will have the bottle to call the big shots?