Special Niche Targeted by Electric Car Marketers


A recent study by the consumer research firm Strategic Vision found that high technology items and trends appeal greatly to the LGBT purchasers. This market niche is for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals. The firm found that products that do well in this niche market eventually do well in the greater commercial marketplace.

Another conclusion that the firm found in their study is that this niche consumer market tends to purchase newly released products on impulse at a rate of thirty percent greater than the general population. The firm predicts that this would easily help the electric carmakers make their sales specifically with this niche consumer market.

Since LGBTs are known for their taste, thus these car buyers have discriminating taste for exterior and interior styling, innovations and environmental awareness. This fact is supported by the fact that LGBT buyers ranked amongst the Top 10 cars for 2010 the Toyota Prius and the Nissan Juke. And because of this preference, these individuals went out and purchased these vehicles.

This study is seconded by IHS Automotive Research Analyst Aaron Bragman. Buying patterns though are not sexual orientation determined, but the LGBT market niche covers several demographics, which include “double income, no children” and those with above high school education. These individuals are the ones being actively sought out by electric car marketers under their colloquial term “first adopters”. This term refers to those individuals that purchase these units first and the market composition is regardless of sexual orientation.

Bragman adds, “A lot of it is the technology, some of it is green awareness. It can be viewed as a good ecologically minded purchase or another way people view it is like the buying the latest and greatest Apple product, where it’s something you gotta have because you’re an early adopter and you like the new technology and you can afford it.”

There are no existing direct marketing material made specifically for the LGBT niche consumer because this consideration falls within other categories and is covered in their other automobile unit niches in the past and is expected to continue well into the future. There have been attempts though to entice this particular market. One company, such as GMC, is improving their image through in house developments, such as providing domestic-partner benefits to its employees and furthering anti-discrimination policies.

He further adds, “The LGBT community is viewed positively by marketing people. They are a market a lot of auto companies like to cater to. On the average, they do have the disposable income to use and it’s something a lot of companies are looking at, is how to cater to the LGBT community in terms of marketing.”