Tesla Exceeds Sales Forecast for the First Quarter 2013

Tesla exceeds sales forecast for the first quarter 2013
Tesla exceeds sales forecast for the first quarter 2013

In a move which will take some of the pressure off the U.S. government, electric car manufacturer Tesla has today released sales figures for its model S for the first quarter of 2013. The company confirmed that it sold 4,750 vehicles, which is greater than the company’s ambitious sales target. This is a company which continues to go from strength to strength, despite a recent spat with the New York Times which landed the company a number of headlines it could have done without.

Now that the mist has started to clear on the dispute with the New York Times, the company is starting to emerge as a real force in the automobile industry. Some people had suspected the company could only go so far without a mass take-up of electric vehicles but sales figures are certainly well ahead and the company recently moved into profit.

What is Tesla doing differently?

There are perhaps a number of reasons why Tesla is performing far better than any of its nearest rivals and many of these are down to "knowing the company's market". Tesla sports cars have been popular for some time now and the company recently ventured out into the sedan market. The Tesla model S has been on the market for a few months now and it seems as though momentum is beginning to build and the company has been proven right to venture from its well trodden path in the sports car arena.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "I am lucky enough to have a Tesla dealership with in a 20 min drive of my house, and I received an email from Tesla stating that they have them now in their show rooms."

It would be easy to suggest that because Tesla seems to know its own market better than any other electric car company, this is perhaps the reason for its growing success. However, it is not quite as simple as that!


There is no doubt that Tesla also has some of the best technology in the electric car market and indeed issues such as journey capacity are not as big a problem as they are for other car manufacturers. This is a company which tends to keep all of its new technology and new developments under wraps until they are ready, much like Apple in the past.

If there was one electric car company, we mean pure electric car company, which seemed destined to succeed from a relatively early stage it has to be Tesla Motors. While the initial hard work to get the company off the ground went relatively unnoticed, the company very quickly attracted some of the best names in the investment arena and business sector. The 'Who's Who' of the Tesla shareholders list makes for very interesting reading, which should perhaps have given us an idea that the company was destined for greater things.


Over the last few months there have been some serious setbacks for the electric car industry, beginning with Tesla's very own dispute with the New York Times and ending with the recent financial difficulties at Fisker. Thankfully we can now get back to basics and this week's announcement of better-than-expected sales figures for the model S has certainly put the company back in the headlines for all the right reasons.

Where next for Tesla?