Tesla Model S Receives Highest Ever U.S. Safety Rating

Tesla Model S receives highest ever US safety rating
Tesla Model S receives highest ever US safety rating

At a time when the electric vehicle market is going from strength to strength, sometimes it is good to get back to basics, with news that the United States Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently tested the Tesla Model S and gave it the highest award ever seen. We can talk about new technology, we can talk about price reductions but when you start to see the award-winning Tesla Model S confirmed as one of the safest cars ever to grace the roads of the U.S., perhaps we are starting to move toward a new level for electric vehicles?

The vehicle was recently launched in Europe and will undergo a number of tests with European administrators but when you bear in mind that the U.S. safety test is the most stringent and toughest in the world, we can only expect a glowing report from their European counterparts.

The design of electric vehicles

There are many reasons why the Tesla Model S is one of the safest vehicles to ever hit the marketplace, which include the fact that the electric motor is placed at the rear of the vehicle away from the front crumple zone. This therefore gives the vehicle more time to slow down in the event of a head-on crash, which obviously assisted with the 5.4 stars that the vehicles was given by US safety experts.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "Overall 2 thumbs up to detail and delivery of the vehicle, and if I had the money, I'd have 1 or 2 in my garage for my wife and myself."

The fact that the battery pack is located under the vehicles floor has, as we have mentioned on numerous occasions, given the vehicle a low centre of gravity, which makes the car especially safe with regards to roll over tests. Indeed, when you bear in mind that side impact tests saw the Tesla Model S retains 63.5% of the drivers residual space against just 7.8% with the five-star rated Volvo S60 this shows that the vehicle is streets ahead of its competitors with regards to safety. This is not to say that other vehicles are in anyway unsafe but at this moment in time it looks as though the Tesla Model S is literally in a league of its own.

Further reasons to buy electric vehicles

While Tesla is the leading electric vehicle manufacturer at the luxury end of the market the fact is that the basic design of electric vehicles, with the motor at the rear and the battery pack lowering the centre of gravity, certainly seems to be assisting with their safety credentials which is yet another feather in the cap of the industry.

When you take into account recent price reductions, improvements in basic technology, developments in battery technology - not to mention the installation of thousands of electric car charging facilities around the world - there is no reason to doubt the industry will not make it to the mass market in due course. This would be a phenomenal achievement when you bear in mind the various setbacks which the industry has had to overcome in recent times. There will always be sceptics attempting to talk down the electric vehicle industry but the fact is that it has never been stronger and looks likely to be around for many years to come.