Tesla Motors Boss Confirms Company is Cash Flow Positive

Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla motors, has this week confirmed that the company traded with a cash flow positive position last week. While this is not the first time the company has traded "profitably", having moved into profit back in 2009, this is a major stepping stone as there has been a significant investment in the preceding years.

Tesla Motors is one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers around the world and indeed has a name and reputation which many competitors can only dream of. There are high hopes that the company has now moved to a pinnacle point in its development, although recently there have been a number of production delays which have seen some clients waiting for their vehicles beyond estimated delivery dates. The need to deliver vehicles in a timely manner will be vital in the short to medium term because the company will need to invest significantly to ramp up production while also maintaining a positive cash flow from user end sales.

Quote from ElectricForm.com : "I am lucky enough to have a Tesla dealership with in a 20 min drive of my house, and I received an email from Tesla stating that they have a Tesla Model S in their show rooms."

It will be interesting to see whether the company is able to maintain a positive cash flow position in the short to medium term but the very fact that the CEO of the company has taken to the social media networks to highlight the fact is obviously positive in itself. Tesla Motors is perhaps best known for its Roadster car which continues to attract the attention of well-known names across the motoring industry. It is a vehicle which has broken many records, has the look and feel of a traditional sports car, while remaining highly efficient. There is no doubt that this is the vehicle which effectively broke the back of the electric vehicle industry, one which has been blighted by false dawns over the years, and indeed a number of other companies have piggybacked on the success of Tesla Motors.