The Coming of the New Electric Cars

Electric car made from batteries
Electric car made from batteries

For the past year, the interest in owning an electric car has grown in the United States. Disappointingly, the only available true electric car in the market is the Nissan Leaf and only offered in a few states. Hybrids, such as the Chevy Volt are well above the price capabilities of the common man. This landscape would change very soon as more and more electric cars and hybrids become available to the market and consumers.

The Ford Focus EV.

The compact EV would become available in California and New York near the end of 2011. Afterwards, the sedan would be made available to Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and Houston by the middle of 2012. The car is touted to be able to travel seventy (70) miles on a full charge. The Ford Focus EV charges using a 240 volt charging station, thus being able to go on full charge between three to four hours. As a whole, Ford is planning to unveil five more electric vehicles in the next three years.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

Already available in Japan, England and Australia, this four passenger EV would become available by early 2012. Weighing a lightweight 2,600 lbs, this EV is the lightest of current cars in the market. It also has a unique bubble shaped design making it a true green statement to the electric car owner. It is also projected to become one of the cheapest ones in the market once made available.

The Toyota RAV 4 EV.

While many carmakers tend to go smaller, Toyota chooses to go larger with the RAV 4 EV. The mini-SUV would become available in 2012. Since Toyota is the premier car maker on hybrids, their venture on a fully electric vehicle is much anticipated.

There are other electric cars that have also become available in the market. These though, may be a bit off the cuff for the regular car owner, but still an option for many electric car owners.

The Volkswagen Single Seater EV. 

This single seater EV is designed for the commuters and would have an optional renewable power source. The final design is still up in the air, but it is predicted to look very much like the VW L1 concept car introduced a few years ago.

The Schluckspecht E.

This is a university developed concept car. The vehicle is designed to run at 28 mph and is a one seater. It is very energy efficient as it was supposedly able to run 1,013 miles on full charge.

The KTM E3W.

This is a three wheeler with scissor style doors very similar to a Lamborghini. The full body is made of plastic and one of the best looking E3W or electric three wheelers. The manufacturer is KTM, an Austrian motorcycle maker. The vehicle has a twenty horsepower engine, travels a distance of sixty two miles per charge.

So consumer, wait for these electric vehicles to hit the nearest showroom in your area.