The Eco Spark in a Nutshell


Chevrolet, after the success of the plug in Volt, has recently unveiled its very own subcompact electric car. The Chevrolet Spark is ubiquitously among the most promising of all electric vehicles in its class. With this vehicle too, the company is geared towards capturing a larger segment of the electric car market in the United States.


One of the key features of the Spark is its ability to reach eighty (80) percent charge capacity in just twenty (20) minutes. This is due to its state of the art SAE Combo DC Fast Charging Capability. While this may seem to be a long time compared to a fill up at the pump, it’s among the quickest in the electric car market today. This is done through a higher torque to power ratio that provides quicker off the block starts, even with a smaller battery pack compared to other electric vehicles on the road today.

There is no stark difference between a petrol powered Spark and its EV counterpart. The minor differences for the Spark Electric are its redesigned front bumper and body colored grill. This mini hatch back measures in at 3495 mm in length, 1495 mm in width and 1518 in height. The wheel base is a robust 2345 mm allowing for tight road gripping and with a ground clearance of just 170 mm, it is built low to the ground to minimize the effect of drag as it zips along the road and it has a storage space of 170 liters and a curbside weight of 840 kg.

Another part of the Spark EV getting rave reviews in is its interior. The Driver Information Center provides easy to read gauges, such as its battery power meter, propulsion power measure, confidence, and efficiency gauges all neatly laid out on the dashboard. The middle of the dash has a touch screen display system that provides animated power flow, charge programming and energy information display, together with climate control and its modern MyLink Radio. These displays are shown through one of its two seven inch full color LCD screens.

The motor of the electric subcompact produces a whopping 130 horsepower and an astounding 400 pound feet of torque. With all these, the Chevrolet Spark Electric is able to clock in at seven seconds from zero to sixty miles per hour. The whole set up is powered by a 20 kWh lithium ion battery, with a range calculated at sixty miles on a full charge. This battery pack was designed by A123 Systems and may be the only chink in the overall armor of the Chevrolet Spark Electric.

Pricing and Availability of the Chevrolet Spark

Another plus going for the Chevrolet Spark Electric is its relatively lower price compared to its cousin the Chevrolet Volt, and especially against luxury brands such as Tesla and Fisker. It is priced at just U.S. $32,500 before taxes. The first Sparks will be made available in California and in South Korea, but will be introduced to key markets such as Oregon and Canada.

In announcing the unveiling of the Chevrolet Spark Electric in the 2012 Los Angeles Motor Show, Mark Reuss, current President of General Motors North America, the parent company of Chevrolet said, “When you engineer a technology filled, all electric mini car that goes from zero to sixty mph in less than eight seconds, (then) customers won’t miss the gas.” He added, “The Volt and now the Spark EV show that Chevrolet not only knows EVs better than anyone else, we also know how to help customers get the most out of their EV experience.”


The power and functionality found in the Chevrolet Spark EV gives it a distinct advantage over the competition. First time users and electric car enthusiasts, found in, provide their insights, especially on the performance of the Chevrolet Spark EV .