The Electric Grid is There, Why are We Not Using it?

Luxury electric car niche
Luxury electric car niche

One of the more common arguments against the electric car market is the fact there are insufficient battery charging stations and some people are suggesting this could take years to develop. These are the same people who are championing the attractions of hydrogen fuel cell and natural gas powered vehicles in the same breath. However, if you take a step back and look at the potential for refuelling networks around the world, which of these three fuels will be easier to supply? The simple fact is that we already have the electric grid in countries around the world and it is simply a case of building charging stations which hook up to this to obtain power and recharge. Okay, it may not be as simple as that but the fact is that electric car charging stations will be far easier to create and supply than any other type of alternative fuel.

Why are we so slow creating refuelling stations?

This is not the first time that the electric car industry has made a plea for the "mass market" and while many are suspicious of the chances of success this time around, it should not be as difficult as we are making it. One of the main problems is recharging stations, as well as journey capacity (which is increasing slowly), although why should it be?

The simple fact is that we could have an electric car charging network available in a very short space of time if the demand was there for electric vehicles. So we are in a "chicken and the egg situation" in that do we create the charging networks before the vehicles are on the roads in large numbers, or do we wait until the demand is there for vehicles?

Now is the time to invest in electric car charging stations!

While it is relatively easy to create a significant electric car charging station network in any country around the world, how would suppliers be remunerated? This is a question which has not been asked in many places because we automatically assume this will be free or relatively cheap. However the fact is, that those who create these electric car charging station networks will need to be remunerated and will need to see a return on their investment.

Quote from : "Despite the fact that many people are still sceptical of the electric vehicle market, Nissan has this week announced plans to triple the number of charging points across America. This is a significant commitment by one of the largest car manufacturers in the world and should instil some confidence into this particular market."

Thankfully, we have seen the government and various automobile companies around the world injecting more money into this particular area and highlighting the potential. Finding the balance between what electric car owners are willing to pay and what electric car charging network companies are willing to offer may take some time to iron out but it should be a fairly straightforward procedure. Supply, demand, and the cost of building these networks, easy?


While many of us have talked about electric vehicles, we have seen them on the road and we have on many occasions waxed lyrical about their attractions, there needs to be a sea change in our attitude. The excuse of no electric car charging stations available in significant numbers should not even be a consideration because it should be fairly easy to build up the numbers fairly quickly.

Once we see more confidence in electric cars, and other electric vehicles, the rest will follow and in all honesty the backup and the networks required should be fairly simple to put in place.