The EV Charger of the Future

Electric Car
Electric Car

Roush Manufacturing, a company based in Michigan, has unveiled its electric vehicle chargers for the home and commercial use. Aptly called the Blink, the chargers would be offered via Ecotality’s EV project. This project specifically targets owners of the Nissan Leaf EV and the Chevrolet Volt Hybrid.

Under the project, the company would build 10,000 wall-mounted chargers for residences and 6,000 pedestal chargers for the market within the year. Roush was previously making injection molded plastic components and now it has realigned its resources to meet the project’s demand. Overall, the project is well worth $230 million.

“Throughout each step of The EV Project, we’ve seen unprecedented consumer demand for electric vehicles, and partners like Roush have played a key role as we’ve brought our smart charging stations to market,” said Don Karner, ECOtality president.  With the full-scale production, the project in partnership with Roush would provide charging stations for the EV market.

On another note, a new government funded initiative to entice individuals to purchase electric cars would be including the charger for free when purchasing an EV. This project applies to purchasers of the Chevrolet Volt or the Nissan Leaf. Also covered would be the installation costs, which can total as much as $4,000.

Another part of the program would be the creation of public charging stations in major metropolitan cities such as Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.