The Market Response: Lower Cost and Stylish Looks Prevail

some cars at zero pollution
some cars at zero pollution

According to the latest research, the Chevy Volt, the Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius have obtained the most attention from future car owners. This was found in the 2012 Avoider Study undertaken by J.D. Power and Associates, which focuses on the reason why individuals avoid purchasing a specific car model.

According to the survey, gas mileage was the most important aspect of the vehicle that is taken into consideration in purchases nowadays. In previous surveys, exterior styling, price and reliability were the top reasons. This feature alone makes the Volt, the Leaf and the Prius tops on any list, as they are the most fuel efficient vehicles in the market today.

The Nissan Leaf is a five door electric hatchback. The official range is 117 kilometers on a full charge and has a fuel economy rating of 99 miles per gallon. The Chevrolet Volt is plug in hybrid electric vehicle built by General Motors. In this set-up, the small motor engine serves as a generator to recharge the vehicle’s battery pack while in operation. The Toyota Prius on the other hand, is one of the first commercially available hybrid vehicles in the world and remains one of the most commercially successful ones in the world.

For the year 2011, the Prius sold about 140,000 units but the Volt and the Leaf were not major sellers during the year. The main reason for such slow sales includes the disasters in Japan, supply constraints, as well as technological issues of these vehicles. Aside from these reasons, the cost of the Chevy Volt makes the vehicle not amongst the top choices for new car owners. The Leaf and Prius were passed over because their exterior styling was unattractive. Other reasons include the small cargo space for the Volt and the Leaf while the overall performance of the Prius turned many possible buyers off.

On the other hand, the top reason for choosing the Volt is its impact on an individual’s image. For the Leaf, many purchasers said that the low maintenance cost is its prime attraction while the reliability is the Prius’ main enticement. The survey also found that very few individuals avoid U.S. built cars while nearly 14% avoid imported vehicles. This can be readily attributed to the current worldwide economic recession.

One of the most significant results is the fact that 43% of prospective purchasers have indicated that an entire brand can be avoided because of its perceived quality and reliability, even if the said vehicle was given positive reviews by car reviews and experts.