The Recently Demised Electric Cars


The past five years have shown a meteoric increase in the number of electric vehicle manufacturers. While some models have become centerpieces in showrooms, there are others that have disappeared into the annals of history.

The following are some of the most recent electric car models that have been discontinued:

  1. Ford Ranger EV. The biggest benefits can be received by the most inefficient vehicles. The Ranger has never been a gas monster compared to the Ford’s F series models. This EV model was built between 1998 and 2003 but only very few were sold and the rest leased. Like its predecessor EV1, the rest of the models were crushed as scrap metal at the end of the lease period. While others tried to make pick up electric vehicles, they did not seem to get any headway in the market.
  2. Corbin Sparrow. This single seat three-wheeler has a boxy design built back in the 70’s. The range of this vehicle is between twenty and forty miles but it was a paragon of efficiency, with an MPG equivalent to 162 miles per gallon. The Sparrow was built by Myers Motor since 2005 and a new model from the same car manufacturer is expected to be unveiled by the end of 2012. The Sparrow still was ahead of its time, during its time.
  3. Think City. This vehicle gained a bit of popularity as the car was heavily reviewed by several EV enthusiast magazines, with the latest one done by GreenCarReports just a couple of years ago. The problem was, the Think’s manufacturer went belly up. The main reason was the high costs in manufacturing resulting in high retail selling price, nearly the same as the Nissan Leaf. With the features of the newer vehicles, the Think just did not gain traction enough to become a success.
  4. Comuta-Car. This vehicle was designed back in the 1970’s but its design was its downfall, as it did not provide the practicality in using it as the main vehicle for travel. This design though has made it quite a memorable vehicle on the road but surely would be found in the museum in the next few years.
  5. Lightning GT. This is Robert Llewellyn’s attempt at accepting an electric car into his realm of experience. Unfortunately, the British manufacturer was unable to build enough, with rising costs but its design would be an ambitious project to start with.

As history dictates, from the ashes of the fallen the victors would rise. Same is true with electric cars, as from the tracks of these electric vehicles that have gone out of production would come better and more improved electric vehicles of the future.