The Top Four Issues in Electric Car Use


Despite the publicity regarding electric cars and their benefits, there are still many issues that need to be addressed before the electric car can replace the internal combustion engine car on the major thoroughfares all over the world.

The following are the major developmental issues for the electric car:

  1. Recharging Costs for the Plug-In. The cost of residential electricity is also rising, depending upon the generator of power. If the generator uses fossil fuels, then the cost of electricity is also rising. The majority of generators are still fossil fuel powered, thus charging an electric car for more than six (6) hours. Even at the off peak times, if many in the community are charging their cars simultaneously, then the cost of electricity would certainly increase.
  2. The Number of Recharging Stations Available. Because people travel at all hours of the day over distances, the number of available recharging stations needs to be at the par with or number of current gasoline stations to satisfy the full demand. Without these electric chargers available at short distances, then the electric car revolution may stall and sputter to a stop.
  3. Battery Maintenance Costs. To allow the electric car to travel great distances, a spare battery is needed. Unlike a gas tank that can be refilled at any point, a spare battery and its attendant costs is still a major issue for an average individual. Also, these batteries fully charged need to be available off the shelf. There is also a need to have a home recharging unit for both the main battery and the spare, making this an expense well-above the reach of average income families.
  4. Quality of Batteries. The quality of batteries needs to be improved, as to safety, reliability and mileage. This needs to be addressed first among others, as this is the power source of the electric car. The battery needs to be lighter in weight compared to current designs with an ability to store greater amounts of energy yet be able to charge at a shorter amount of time.

As can be seen, there are major issues that need to be addressed. These are recharging costs, recharging station availability, battery design and maintenance. Once these are addressed, the internal combustion engine car can seriously feel threatened as to the increase and availability of the electric car to the general public.