TORQ Roadster Takes on the Porsche Cayman

TORQ Roadster takes on the Porsche Cayman
TORQ Roadster takes on the Porsche Cayman

If somebody said to you that a three wheeled car had the potential to take on the Porsche Cayman, you would probably think they were joking! If somebody told you that the TORQ Roadster, a three wheeled vehicle, was able to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds, what would you say? Well, when you bear in mind that the Porsche Cayman can "only" accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds, we certainly have an exceptional electric vehicle on our hands which will grab the attention of sports fans around the world.

Features of the TORQ Roadster

Where do we start with the features of this award-winning, technologically advanced electric supercar? Well, if we were to tell you that the car itself has over 400 horsepower, the same as a Porsche 911, but nearly double the torque then perhaps you might sit up and listen. This is a vehicle which can out run a Porsche Cayman in a quarter-mile drag race - and it is powered by an electric motor!

The first thing you will notice from any picture of the TORQ Roadster is the fact that this is a three wheeled vehicle, which seems to go against the general consensus and opinion about safety. However Epic EV, who manufacture the vehicle, confirm that because it only has three wheels there is a 25% reduction in drag from the road surface alone which increases efficiency. If you also take into account the fact that the vehicle is made from materials which are more commonly found in aeroplanes and boats (lighter than steel but stronger) the technological advances of this particular vehicle will start to become clearer.

The fact that it has a range of between 129 and 144 km on a full charge will also surprise many people and even if the vehicle is driven "aggressively" the range will still be around 100 km to 120 km.

General use

While these are normally the type of vehicles which attract petrol heads and others addicted to speed, this is where the TORQ Roadster is very different. When you consider that the average commuter in South California for example will only travel around 30 miles per day even this vehicle as it stands at the moment would fulfil that requirement. So you actually have the chance to drive to work in a fully fledged, speed monster of a racing car and it will still get you home each and every day on a full charge!

This is not the first vehicle produced by Epic EV although the Aptera, whilst technologically advanced beyond its years, was actually a financial failure due to the relatively high cost, regulatory problems at the time, and ultimately poor sales. However, in some ways the Aptera lives on because much of the technology in the TORQ Roadster can be traced back to the Aptera.


Despite the fact that the electric vehicle market is most certainly under pressure at the moment, the creation of the TORQ Roadster has certainly made many people sit up and listen. This is not the first, and it will not be the last, electric powered sports car to emerge from the industry but the very fact it has three wheels and is able to compete with a Porsche Cayman over a quarter-mile drag race is not something you can dismiss.

Even though many people may automatically assume these vehicles are "playthings", the fact is that the technology used to create the TORQ Roadster will be replicated across many electric cars in the future. In many ways the TORQ Roadster is something of a test area for the electric car industry, with a number of technology licensing deals likely to emerge in the future.

Slowly but surely the technology associated with electric vehicles is improving, public awareness has increased dramatically over the last decade and while we may still be some way off the mass-market, vehicles such as the TORQ Roadster will make people sit up, listen and finally appreciate the developments in the electric vehicle industry.