UAE Lacking in Electric Vehicle Regulations

UAE lacking in electric vehicle regulations
UAE lacking in electric vehicle regulations

Despite the fact there have been electric vehicles on the roads of the United Arab Emirates for some years now, there is a distinct lack of regulation. This is surprising for a region which has recently introduced an array of stringent regulations for the property market and was looking to put more industries in order. It is easy to overlook the fact that electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace in the UAE where the likes of Dubai tend to take the lead.

Regulation is needed immediately

While it is all good and well to attract the latest technology, there needs to be regulations with regards to their use and maintenance. The maintenance side is very simple because there is already a ready-made network maintaining the quality of traditional petrol/diesel vehicles on the road. It is not a big jump to introduce electric vehicle maintenance services and indeed, in a country renowned for its entrepreneurship, it is perhaps surprising that nobody has yet jumped on this particular bandwagon.

There also needs to be an array of new and specific regulations for the use of electric vehicles on the roads of the United Arab Emirates. This will allow everyone to know where they stand and avoid any confusion in the event of accidents or unforeseen situations.

Maintenance of EVs is paramount

Even though the modern-day electric vehicle needs significantly less maintenance than petrol/diesel counterparts there is still a need to monitor and ensure only quality vehicles are allowed on the road. As we touched on above this is something which will not be very difficult to put in place when you bear in mind the current maintenance network available for traditional petrol/diesel vehicles. It will also give the authorities very useful insight into the use of electric vehicles across the region, how services can be improved, and perhaps more importantly, where electric vehicle charging stations should be located.

Electric vehicle charging network

A number of corporate entities have jumped aboard the electric vehicle charging network bandwagon although somewhat surprisingly the local authorities have not shown as much of an appetite. It is highly likely this will change in the short to medium term as the use of electric vehicles becomes more commonplace and indeed new companies appear to service this new and growing industry. Historically, the United Arab Emirates is not a region of the world which has shied away from significant investment in new technology and we can only hope this is the case for electric vehicles going forward.

Quote from "We have new members joining the forum everyday and it would be interesting to get a snapshot of what EVs you are currently driving and/or considering buying in the future. There are so many different options available today that it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. If we can highlight a couple of the more popular models on this thread, it may give members food for thought."

It is no secret that journey anxiety is still one of the major problems with regards to EVs and the more work which can be done to alleviate this, the better for all concerned.


It is no surprise to see an ever increasing number of electric vehicles on the roads of the UAE but it is a surprised to see a lack of regulations regarding the use of electric vehicles and their maintenance. This should improve in the short to medium term as the industry continues to grow and areas such as the UAE attempt to make themselves something of a technology hotspot in years to come.