Volkswagen Wants to Be EV Industry Leader!

Volkswagen wants to be EV industry leader!
Volkswagen wants to be EV industry leader!

Despite the fact that companies such as Tesla Motors and Nissan are leading the way with regards to electric vehicle sales in the U.S., Volkswagen has today issued a statement confirming the company aims to be the number one EV manufacturer by 2018. When you bear in mind that the company is nowhere near the top of the EV leaderboard at this moment in time this is certainly a tall order!

In many ways the ongoing optimistic and confident statements issued by an array of EV manufacturers, perfectly illustrate the fact that many believe the EV industry will at some point overtake the traditional gasoline/petrol industry. This may be some way off but there is no doubt that many manufacturers are now putting themselves in a position to support the EV industry and to make potential customers aware of their offerings.

Volkswagen switches from diesel to electric

Historically, Volkswagen has always relied upon diesel as its "green fuel" of choice and a way in which to catch the attention of environmentalists around the world. However this year the Frankfurt Motor Show saw the company issue a statement regarding the EV industry and signal a definite move away from diesel as its green fuel of choice.

Quote from : "Do Electric Operated Motors Last Longer than Gasoline Engines?"

Interestingly, the company also revealed an electric version of the ever popular Volkswagen Golf and a new model in the shape of the so-called e-Up. The electric version of the Volkswagen Golf will have a top speed of 87 mph, journey capacity of 118 miles per full charge and able to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 10 seconds. The e-Up will have a top speed of 81 mph and a journey capacity of 100 miles per full charge.

Working behind-the-scenes

It seems as though Volkswagen has been working behind the scenes to put together an elite team to work on the company's electric vehicle portfolio. Despite the fact that the company has seen a reduction in sales in August, it seems that significant funding will be poured into the EV industry in an attempt to grab a significant market share in the years ahead.

Indeed the company confirmed that 400 experts in the field of electric vehicle traction have been recruited with tens of thousands of Volkswagen staff receiving training in this new mode of transport. When you bear in mind that the electric vehicle industry has been very much in the headlines for some time now, it was certainly a challenge for Volkswagen to have kept its electric vehicle ambitions under wraps for so long.

Slowly but surely the major players in the traditional vehicle market are focusing more and more of their resources on the electric vehicle industry.


There are very few major vehicle manufacturers in the world who have not yet made public their ambitions to be part of the electric vehicle movement. While the extent to which Volkswagen appears to have invested time, money and effort into the industry so far has surprised many, the company has made some very ambitious statements and aspirations for the future. Let the battle commence!