Volvo Siemens Partnership Announces Superfast Charger

Volvo Siemens partnership announces superfast charger
Volvo Siemens partnership announces superfast charger

When Volvo Cars and Siemens got together, many hoped that they would create new technology which could potentially revolutionise the electric car industry. The partnership had been relatively quiet, although over the last few days they have made what could become a monumental announcement regarding a superfast charger which can be fitted to the C30 electric car.

This is the type of technology we have been waiting some time for, this is the type of technology which can literally revolutionised the industry, and it will reduce the concerns of motorists. So what exactly is on offer and when will it be available around the world?

The new 22 kW fast charge facility

The new fast charge facility is small enough to be integrated into the modern day electric car and operates on a three-phase supply which can fully charge an electric car battery in 1.5 hours against up to 10 hours for your traditional household outlet. The C30 electric car, the new vehicle launched by the Volvo Car and Siemens partnership, can run for 164 km on a full charge which itself is very impressive.

Quote from ElectricForum : "Energy giant SSE has today confirmed that households across Scotland will be offered the chance to have charging points installed free of charge. The company is also targeting leisure centres, council car parks and ferry terminals in what many believe will be the growth sector of the future."

Perhaps something which is a little less impressive, but nevertheless something we should mention, is the fact that even a quick 10 minute recharge can give the vehicle an additional 20 km of journey capacity. It is these small but potentially groundbreaking steps which are likely to catch the eye of motorists around the world and perhaps put more and more people at ease.

What does this mean for the industry?

The vast majority of motorists around the world are relatively impressed with new electric car technology and the vast majority are more than happy to do their part for the environment but the dual concerns of cost and journey capacity seem to be uppermost in their minds. The new technology from the Volvo Car/Siemens partnership does at least partially reduce concerns from the journey capacity angle and now it is up to the government and electric car manufacturers to challenge the issue of price in the short to medium term.

Again, it is slightly disturbing to see millions upon millions of pounds invested in this kind of technology yet electric car enthusiast have to dig deep to find the information. Why are electric car companies and governments around the world not creating more of a fuss with regards to these new technology breakthroughs?

This system will be replicated across-the-board

The very fact that Volvo Car/Siemens has been able to create a supercharger which can potentially fully charge an electric car battery in around 1.5 hours will give food for thought to the rest of the industry. Electric car charging technology has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few months and indeed many experts are of the opinion that 2013 could well be a breakthrough time for the industry.

The jury is still out at this moment in time us to whether electric cars will eventually take over from traditional gasoline vehicles but the fact is that progress is being made albeit slower than many had expected and hoped. Watch out for the C30 Electric car over the next 12 months!