What Extras Would Make you Buy an Electric Vehicle?

What extras would make you buy an electric vehicle?
What extras would make you buy an electric vehicle?

Over the last few years there is no doubt governments around the world have invested significant amounts of time, effort, and money into the electric vehicle market. We have seen massive growth in electric vehicle sales and while they have yet to crack the mass market, there is no doubt they are well on the way to doing so. Various surveys have shown us that there are literally millions of people around the world who are considering an electric vehicle but for some reason or another they are not yet over the line with regards to their value for money.

We will therefore take a look at what extras it might take for you to buy an electric vehicle and whether indeed governments around the world, and corporate entities, should look to throw in an array of freebies.

Home charging stations

There have been significant developments in the home charging arena with many companies now offering reliable, safe and affordable home charging stations. A number of the major players in the electric vehicle market are offering home charging stations at discounted prices, or in some cases free of charge and this is certainly an area which catches the eye of consumers. The ability to recharge your electric vehicle overnight, from home, could well play into the hearts and minds of many potential electric vehicle enthusiasts of the future. This one seems to be a no-brainer?

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "More and more people seem to be looking towards the mobile phone app as a means of communicating the location of the nearest charging stations for those with electric vehicles. Would you use an app to find the nearest charging station? Do you have any experience of mobile phone electric vehicle apps?"

Reduced insurance

One area which has yet to develop as many thought it would is the insurance of electric vehicles. Even though more and more insurance companies around the world are taking on board electric vehicles, and their growing popularity, there is not sufficient competition in the market as yet to force prices downwards. It therefore goes without saying that an offer of reduced insurance on your new electric vehicle, or indeed a period of free insurance, would not only assist with household budgets but would certainly catch the attention of would be EV buyers.

Servicing programmes

Perhaps an element of the electric vehicle market which has been overlooked by many is the cost of servicing electric vehicles. The fact that they have a fraction of the number of moving parts compared to their diesel/gasoline counterparts means them are significantly cheaper to service in theory. The problem at the moment seems to be a lack of qualified individuals who are able to service what are in effect electric devices, which has in many ways impacted the price of servicing electric cars. If you were to receive say 2 or 3 free services for an electric vehicle would this assist in your decision whether or not to purchase?


A number of surveys have confirmed that the vast majority of worldwide motorists have a growing confidence in electric vehicles but there seems to be one final hurdle to overcome. They seem to trust the technology but they may be concerned about recharging, the cost of insurance not being very competitive and servicing can be difficult. If electric vehicle manufacturer/retailers were able to offer an array of short-term freebies this may be enough to push many potential electric vehicle drivers over the edge and into the market?