What Surprise does Renault Have in Store?

What surprise does Renault have in store?
What surprise does Renault have in store?

In a move which has certainly caught the attention of the motoring press, Renault has today announced it will reveal two new vehicles at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed, which is held between 12 July and 14 of July. So far the company is refusing to give details on any of the particular models which will be on show but sources have confirmed that one of the vehicles will be an electric powered car.

What does Renault have up its sleeves?

Over the last few weeks we have seen a number of electric car companies stepping forward with rather mysterious comments about the electric car market, leaving much of the detail to the minds of the motoring public. It seems as though we are seeing a shift in strategy from the electric car companies who are now turning more positive in general about the vehicles while also giving the motoring public more food for thought.

This latest announcement by Renault, which is sure to precede a world-class electric vehicle, has left many motoring journalist licking their lips in anticipation of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Renault Zoe EV

If we look back at the recent launch of the Renault Zoe EV it is not difficult to see why Renault is perhaps making as much as possible out of the launch of yet another new electric vehicle. As soon as the Renault Zoe EV was launched the French government immediately ordered 2000 models for general use among staff, which is certainly a feather in the cap of the company.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "The Renault Zoe will not be available to the mass market until early 2013 but the first vehicle is off the production line and was handed over to the French government. It seems that Renault is finally taking the electric car market seriously."

There is a growing feeling with the electric car industry that the more governments and public sector departments which use electric vehicles, the more used to these cars the public will become. The reality is that when we see electric vehicles on the road the vast majority of us will not be able to tell them from traditional gasoline/petrol cars. They are quiet, they are compact, they are full of the latest technology and ultimately if you look carefully you will see there are no tailpipe emissions.

What next for the car industry

Slowly but surely we are seeing the flow of new electric vehicles increase in frequency and number. We are seeing a number of governments and public bodies around the world keen to reduce their carbon emissions and hopefully setting an example for the wider motoring public. There is a feeling of a different strategy emerging from the electric car manufacturers and while there is still some way to go, progress is being made.

The electric car industry has not powered ahead as many as expected, the technology has perhaps grown too far ahead of battery technology and price is still an issue. However, when you bear in mind that the new Renault Zoe EV starts from as little as £13,650, taking into account a £5,000 plug-in car grant, we are now starting to move towards mass-market territory.


The launch of the Renault Zoe EV perhaps went better than even the company expected, with an initial 2000 units ordered by the French government, and this mysterious car set for the Goodwood Festival of Speed has certainly got the motoring publications chomping at the bit. The company will need to deliver on this mysterious promise otherwise all of the recent good work could be undone overnight!