What Would Make you Buy an Electric Vehicle?

What would make you buy an electric vehicle?
What would make you buy an electric vehicle?

There are many of us around the world who drive every day of our lives, to work, socially, and who have looked at the electric vehicle market. As the market is currently miniscule compared to the gasoline/petrol market, what is it that would make us buy an electric vehicle? What is the trigger point which would give us the confidence to invest in the future with potentially large savings going forward?

In many ways the electric vehicle industry needs to communicate with drivers around the world to make them think why they have not looked at alternative travel sources. We see the news, we see the large investments, we see the excellent technology but for many people the whole jigsaw has not yet dropped into place.


Those who have followed the electric vehicle industry for any amount of time will be well aware that technological advances have come on in leaps and bounds. The vehicles that we see today are unrecognisable compared to their counterparts of just 10 years ago and there are even more advances to come in the short to medium term. In relation to pure car technology there is not really much more that the electric vehicle manufacturers can do except maybe educate us about what is on offer and what we can expect.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "If we take a look at the electric vehicle market today and compare it with that of just 10 years ago the differences are enormous. This is an industry which has come on in leaps and bounds and while great progress has been made there is still more improvement in the pipeline."

Charging services

If there is one area of concern and perhaps misinformation, it has to be charging services for electric vehicles around the world. Many of us will walk past or drive past charging stations every day of our lives and perhaps not be fully aware of what they are (I know I have done this). There are now tens of thousands of charging stations around the world with many more are expected in the short term. The situation is not perfect, there is certainly room for improvement but the fact is that electric vehicle charging services are more readily available than many of us realise.

Cost of an electric vehicle

When we look at the cost of any vehicle, whether this is a bike, van, car, etc., we tend to look at the headline price as opposed to the long-term cost implications. This is something which has happened for many years now in the gasoline/petrol vehicle industry and while slowly but surely electric vehicle enthusiasts are starting to look further ahead, and take in long-term cost savings, it is a struggle for the sector. Perhaps the industry needs to set out the basic cost of an electric vehicle against the long-term running and maintenance obligations. It is only then that many of us will start to see the long-term benefits: not only to the environment but also from a cost point of view, of electric vehicles.


In many ways the electric vehicle industry has forgotten that it also needs to educate the wider driving public about the benefits of alternative transport options. You could argue that the wider general public has been left to fend for itself because of a lack of promotional material which sets out the pros and cons of this alternative transport in very basic and very helpful terms.