Why Are Some People So Negative About Electric Cars?

Why are some people so negative about electric cars?
Why are some people so negative about electric cars?

Sometimes it is good to take stock, sit back, and take a look at the wider picture in relation to the electric car market. Each day seems to bring yet another raft of criticism, concerns, and cheap shots at an industry which has come forward in leaps and bounds over the last decade. While where we are today is certainly some way from the finish line, there is no doubt that amazing progress has been made with the likes of Tesla pushing the industry to new highs.

So, why are people so negative about electric cars and unable or unwilling to appreciate the technology which it has created?

Media influence

For many years now the media has been disparaging of electric cars and the industry as a whole, with many suggesting that the oil companies may be pulling some strings behind the scenes. We only need to look at the EV1 debacle to see the rumours, counter rumours, and blatant untruths peddled about this particular vehicle. Indeed more than a decade after each individual EV1 was recalled and crushed we still have no answers about why what appeared to be a successful vehicle was suddenly withdrawn and destroyed.

Journey anxiety

Those of you who have looked at the electric car market will have come across the term "journey anxiety" on numerous occasions. This is basically a concern that an individual driving an electric vehicle would not be able to get from A to B due to a lack of recharging stations. It would be wrong to suggest this is not a concern, indeed the industry has highlighted this as a major target going forward, but what is the opinion of those who actually drive electric vehicles?

You might be surprised to learn that those who actually drive electric vehicles, as opposed to those who have never tried, suffer very little in the way of journey anxiety. The average electric car today can travel in excess of 100 miles per full charge and when you bear in mind that the average driver will do less than 60 miles per day there is more than enough scope to recharge each evening and be ready for the next day. It is a shame that the media tends to focus on this particular issue because if they highlighted the opinions of those who actually drive electric vehicles it would give a very different picture.

Government subsidies

Not everybody agrees with government subsidies for new technology and new services. There are those with a vested interest against the electric car market who have highlighted the amount of money invested by governments around the world, both in terms of business loans and consumer incentives. The fact is, and if you look back at this you will see, each and every new technology in years gone by has in some shape or form received subsidies from governments around the world. Indeed, when you look at the overall cost of the US oil sector you will see that many links in this particular chain attract government financial assistance in some shape or form.

The reality is that governments of today are investing in the electric vehicle market because they see this as the future. They believe that additional charges, taxation and benefits to the environment will more than repay funds used to date.