Will Petrol Stations Become a Dying Breed as Electric Vehicles Take Over?

Will petrol stations become a dying breed as electric vehicles take over?
Will petrol stations become a dying breed as electric vehicles take over?

There is no doubt that the electric vehicle industry has its doubters, its pessimists, and those who believe we have been here time and time again. However,the situation today is very different to other attempts to break into the mass market with governments, businesses and consumers all working together to push for cleaner technology and CO2 free travel. So will we eventually see petrol/gasoline stations become a thing of the past?

It will be interesting to see how the electric vehicle industry develops in the short, medium and longer term and indeed the same could be said of the electric vehicle charging sector. We have seen an array of new companies entering this particular market,with a relatively low barrier to entry and the ability to make a "name" for themselves at this relatively early stage. So, how will the industry develop in the future?

Electric charging stations

While there are specific companies around the world which have been created to advertise and promote electric charging stations there is no doubt that everyday companies such as supermarkets and similar operations have their eye on the market. From a consumer point of view, if you are charging your electric vehicle at your local supermarket, even if it is just for 20 minutes, you are likely to enter the store while you wait and there's a good chance that you will purchase goods and services.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "Would you pay to recharge your electric vehicle?"

On the surface this would seem to indicate growing pressure on petrol/gasoline stations but the fact remains that many of these companies are also eyeing up the electric car charging industry. While the motoring industry goes through this period of change, introducing electric vehicles and reducing the number of gasoline/petrol vehicles, it seems sensible to offer both services at one location?

Free recharging

In much the same vein as companies have historically offered new technologies relatively cheaply, or indeed free of charge, we have seen introduction of many free electric car charging stations. However, slowly but surely over the last few months we have seen a conversion from free services to a relatively small payment. This is something which is likely to continue in the short, medium and longer because ultimately, unless there is profit in charging electric vehicles, what is the point of investing time, money and effort?

This will no doubt play into the hands of the petrol/gasoline station companies, although the reality is they will have a fight on their hands and they will not have as much control over this market as they have had over the petrol/gasoline industry. Some companies may be able to offer discounted or subsidised electric vehicle charging stations as a means of enticing you in and perhaps selling you services and products while you wait. There will always be an angle from a commercial point of view and many believe we are slowly coming towards the end of the free recharging station stage and moving towards paid services.