Will the Rinspeed microMax Change Your Life?


If there is one company which time and time again is able to bring out an array of electric vehicles which grab the headlines, it has to be Rinspeed! As we move forward towards the 2013 Geneva Auto Show the company has done it again with the Rinspeed microMax electric car, which its sees as something of a "public transportation" vehicle. So what exactly does the micro speed microMax have to offer?

The design of the Rinspeed microMax

Even just the quickest of glimpses at the image will show that this is a very bizarre looking, different looking, and certainly eye-catching vehicle. It is around 12 feet in length and around 7.2 feet in height, which the company suggests offers space for a driver and three passengers. The company also believes there is sufficient space for shopping and other everyday items. However, even this bizarre looking vehicle does not end there!

It has been confirmed that the Rinspeed microMax has a coffee maker, refrigerator and unlimited connectivity to Wi-Fi operations. It is in many ways the ultimate in public transportation although it is still at this moment in the concept stage and a long way from actual production, assuming it ever makes it that far. The design is very different and the look is bizarre when you first catch a glimpse, but after a short while it does begin to grow on you.

Is this the future face of urban transport?

In many ways this is an idea which Rinspeed has been more than happy to release into the public domain to begin discussions on what the urban transportation sector will look like in the future. It is difficult to see this particular vehicle in mass production but stranger things have happened and Rinspeed is very much at the cutting-edge of alternative transport. The fact that the vehicle is all electric will obviously attract the attention of government and local authority officials as well as consumers with an eco-friendly slant.

It looks like a very basic and a very "boxy" vehicle at first glance but apparently behind this very basic exterior lays a very interesting and exciting adventure. There is also the opportunity to mix and match various design facilities within the vehicle as well as entertainment systems. It is flexible, it will appeal to some people, but will it really hit the mass-market?


Even though the electric car industry is still in its infancy stage, a number of manufacturers have stepped forward to try and influence the look and feel of urban transportation in the future. Rinspeed has been very active in this particular field in years gone by and the company has certainly thrown something very different into the hat in the shape of the Rinspeed microMax electric car. Whether or not we will see this particular vehicle in mass production remains to be seen, but it does make you think, it does catch your eye, and perhaps it is beginning to influence the shape and the look of future urban transport vehicles?

It will be interesting to see the vehicles on show at the forthcoming 2013 Geneva Auto Show and indeed whether any can catch the eye to the extent of the Rinspeed microMax. This particular vehicle will take some beating to grab the headlines!