Kawasaki J EV to Be Launched at Tokyo Motor Show

Have you seen the Kawasaki J EV?
Have you seen the Kawasaki J EV?

As you can see from the picture, the Kawasaki J EV is a three wheeled motorcycle/car which certainly looks the part and will catch the attention of visitors to the forthcoming motor show in Tokyo. This is not the first time that Kawasaki has rolled out a concept vehicle that has caught the eye and has got people talking, and ultimately it has allowed the company to showcase an array of new technology it has been working on.

Unfortunately for those who fancy being some kind of super hero on the Kawasaki J EV, it will not go into production but if you get the chance to even sit astride this vehicle at the motor show then take up the offer and don't ask any questions!

Why has Kawasaki rolled out this three wheeled electric vehicle?

As we touched on above, the vehicle has been rolled out to purely and simply showcase Kawasaki's new electric vehicle technology. The company has created a high-tech battery management system and a high-capacity gigacell battery which will no doubt be used in future vehicles. It is actually refreshing to see some new technology arrive in the marketplace and while the vehicle will never go into production it does show what can be done in the future.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "There is no doubt that electric bikes are more popular today than ever before, but have you ever tried one?"

The look and feel of this particular electric vehicle is breathtaking, offering two wheel or three wheel drive modes and it is shaking the foundations of traditional vehicle control systems. In effect the Kawasaki J EV has two lawnmower type levers as you crouch forward to drive which can be used in a low mode for comfort and speed. In all honesty it would take some getting used to if it did actually go into production and the large wheels, bright colours and very eye-catching bodywork will ensure it is talked about for some months to come.

Electric motorbikes

In many ways the electric motorbike market has been overshadowed by its electric car counterpart which has grabbed the headlines. However, visitors to the Isle of Man TT race will be well aware of the electric motorbike race which is now taking place annually allowing electric motorbikes to be showcased in front of the public. Indeed some of these vehicles are now averaging well in excess of 100 mph, which is a startling achievement especially when you bear in mind the dips and bends of the Isle of Man TT race course.

It will be interesting to see how quickly technology in the motorcycle market develops, how quickly we see the latest electric vehicle technology transferred into this arena and when we see machines such as the Kawasaki J EV available to the general public. We may have to wait some time, but can you imagine sitting astride this mean machine?


It is interesting to see that Kawasaki has been investing significant time and money into the electric powered motorcycle market. While the Kawasaki J EV will not be available for production, it does show exactly what the company believes can be done in the future. It looks different, it certainly rides different and we can guarantee it will be one of the headline grabbers at the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show.