Are Electric Vehicles and Solar Power a Match Made in Heaven?

Are electric vehicles and solar power a match made in heaven?
Are electric vehicles and solar power a match made in heaven?

There is yet more speculation that solar power could be used in some shape or form to recharge electric batteries on the move. This is not a new idea (and in theory makes perfect sense) but many are starting to ask the question, if it does make sense, and the technology is there, why has it not happened yet?

Is it possible?

In theory there is no doubt that using solar power/solar panels to recharge electric vehicles on the move is perfectly feasible. It would obviously depend upon the weather and the time of driving but there is theoretically nothing stopping this potentially ground changing and innovative idea. Historically, while solar panels have been pushed as one of the “greenest technologies” available, the reality is that technology has been left wanting in years gone by. So, are things now beginning to change?

Mass production is the key

As with any relatively new technology, it is only when it is available via mass production that we see a significant reduction in unit costs. When you take this into account, as well as the ever improving technology surrounding solar panels, it is not inconceivable to suggest we are on the verge of something big. It is also worth noting that electric vehicle manufacturers and governments around the world have invested literally billions of dollars into the EV industry and so far the conversion to electric vehicles is behind the expected curve.

Past the point of no return

In years gone by we have seen electric vehicles mentioned as the “next big thing”, only to fall by the wayside due to a conflict of interest between governments and oil companies. However, the ongoing movement towards greener technology and greener energy has pushed electric vehicles to the forefront, with the likes of Tesla making monumental strides in terms of technology. The battery technology area and charging station services were to a certain extent left behind in favour of investment in electric vehicle technology. Thankfully, the situation is changing and the level of government investment so far in the industry means we are literally past the point of no return.

Working together

Each day seems to bring many expected and unexpected partnerships in the electric vehicle industry. With companies looking to expand their network of charging stations and also improve technology on the move. In the UK for example we are on the verge of the first electric car charging lane which will see electric vehicles literally charged on the move. This will be a groundbreaking moment for the UK, let alone the worldwide, electric vehicle industry as this type of technology has been in the pipeline for some time.

It is also interesting to see the likes of Google and Apple turning their attention to the electric car market and with their deep pockets and experience of developing new technology this can only be a positive going forward. We may not see solar panel/solar power on the move charging in the short term but developments in the industry would certainly indicate this is feasible in the not too distant future.