Porsche Mission E set to Challenge Tesla Dominance

Porsche Mission E Concept Car
Porsche Mission E Concept Car

There is a saying in business, "those first to the market are not always the most successful", although it is unlikely that Tesla will fall by the wayside as competitors begins to queue up. The latest serious competitors to Tesla’s high-end electric vehicles is Porsche, in the shape of the Porsche Mission E concept car which was this week unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. So, is this THE main competitor for Tesla and if so how will this impact the sector going forward?

Great signs with Porsche Mission E

It has to be said that the initial feedback on the Porsche Mission E all electric car is amazing; with a journey capacity of 500 km per charge and able to do zero to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. While we have to remember this is only a concept vehicle and unlikely to be the finished model when Porsche finally releases this to the public, it is difficult not to get excited!

It is the 800V all electric powertrain which has caught the attention of experts, as this is double the capacity available today. Indeed this particular powertrain creates 600 hp which again beats the company’s competitors hands down. Even though the recharging technology required for the Porsche Mission E is not yet readily available, it will be able to recharge sufficiently in just 15 minutes to cover a 400 km distance.

Is this the start of something special?

There is no doubt that Porsche has taken its time and worked on some breathtaking technology to ensure that the eventual release of the Porsche Mission E is headline grabbing. The 500 km journey capacity is way beyond Tesla’s current figure of 430 km but again we must remember this is only a concept vehicle at the moment. One thing is certain, the pace at which electric car technology is developing is mind blowing and with journey capacity extending dramatically the next couple of years could be a game changer.

As you might expect, some of the doubters have been speculating as to whether Tesla will be able to survive as an independent company. The fact is, the company is forward thinking, constantly looking to push the envelope and will only respond with more improved technology as competitors emerge. Those who write off Elon Musk certainly do so at their own risk because this is a man who lives for competition and groundbreaking technology.

Competition hotting up

While many people believe that hybrids will be the initial steppingstone from the traditional vehicle market up to an eventual electric vehicle purchase, Porsche and other high-end companies seem to have different ideas. The company is certainly taking the electric vehicle market very seriously indeed because let’s face it, Porsche would not put its name and reputation to a vehicle which was substandard in any way.

At first glance this extended competition in the high-end market for electric vehicles may seem irrelevant to the mass market. However, history tells us that technology which emerges at the top end of the market will eventually filter down to the mass market when cost efficiencies and technology improvements come into play.