Will General Motors Get the EV Sector Right this Time?

Will General Motors get the EV sector right this time?
Will General Motors get the EV sector right this time?

Despite the fact that General Motors does not have the best reputation in the electric vehicle market (after the EV1 debacle) the company is said to be vying for top position with big plans for the future. Despite the fact that many people automatically assume that Tesla will be the number one electric vehicle manufacturer in the long run, we have seen the likes of Volkswagen, Nissan and now General Motors looking to be the future market leader. So what plans does General Motors have in the short to medium term?

At this moment in time it seems as though there are no definitive plans for a mass-market affordable electric vehicle from General Motors but the company seems to be formulating a strategy going forward.

GM's vision of an affordable EV

The rumours today surround comments made by a GM executive suggesting that the company is looking at an affordable electric vehicle in the price bracket of $30,000. The belief is that the vehicle in question will have a journey capacity of 200 miles per full battery charge which would in theory, put it in direct competition with Tesla's plans for its own affordable EV going forward.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "Elon Musk has been great for the EV market over the last few years - would Tesla be the same without Elon Musk at the helm?"

While the GM executive in question was unable to give a date for the introduction of this vehicle, the company did question the ability to build such a vehicle in the short to medium term bearing in mind the price of batteries. Even though the cost of electric car batteries is set to fall dramatically in the medium to longer term, there remain some concerns in the short term.

Can General Motors shake off its EV past?

There is no doubt that General Motors has been one of the major automobile manufacturers for many years. The company has been at the forefront of an array of movements within the automobile industry, although in the early years of the current electric vehicle boom the company had been a little reticent and less than forthcoming with plans for the future. Whether it is the fact that Tesla motors continues to plough ahead, the electric vehicle industry is receiving record government support or indeed the fact that consumer demand for electric vehicles is starting to grow which is prompting a change in General Motors attitude is a matter for debate.

There will be many within the electric vehicle industry with long memories, they will remember the years of the infamous EV1 and the fact that despite much investigating, many questions still remain unanswered. It will be interesting to see how consumers take to the latest attempt by General Motors to take the electric vehicle market by storm and indeed whether they are willing to forget the past?


Each day now seems to bring a new potential leader of the electric vehicle industry although many still believe that Tesla will be there or thereabouts when the industry hits the mass-market. Will Volkswagen be able to make up lost ground? Will General Motors ever shake off the EV1 debacle? Will Nissan continue to attract the attention of mass-market consumers? Time will tell.....................