Ferrari Hy-KERS Showcased at Geneva Motor Show


For many years now, Ferrari has been looking at the hybrid market and promising to release a vehicle which will be both more environmentally friendly, while also ensuring that no power is lost. This is no mean feat when you bear in mind the power behind a modern day Ferrari, although thankfully in the shape of the Ferrari Hy-KERS the company seems to have moved a step nearer.

The Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show was the location for Ferrari to finally unveil the Ferrari Hy-KERS which many believe will propel the company into a relatively new market. It is a hybrid vehicle, although many people will be surprised to learn that the new system has managed to squeeze out a further 100 hp, reduce CO2 emissions by 30%, and also reduce the weight of the vehicle. It is this reduction in the weight of the vehicle which has allowed the increase in horsepower and improved the power to weight ratio.

When is the Ferrari Hy-KERS due for release?

The prototype of the vehicle was on display at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012 and while the company is adamant that it will reach the mass market in due course, there is no specific date for launch. The vehicle itself will not only make use of the latest electric engine technology but also the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) of which Formula One fans will be very aware.

It is the ability to use each and every available power source within the shell of the Ferrari Hy-KERS that gives it that extra boost and helps the company to maintain its extremely high standards going forward. There was no way on earth that Ferrari would ever release a hybrid vehicle, or for that matter an electric vehicle, which did not have the Ferrari stamp of approval and the characteristics which the company has built up over many years.

Ferrari moves into the eco-friendly era

Aside from the fact that Ferrari has introduced a whole host of eco-friendly elements to the Ferrari Hy-KERS, the company itself is also moved into the eco-friendly era. From the structure of the company's factory, to the materials used on the vehicle, where an eco-friendly angle can be obtained without reducing the quality and drive experience, the company has been very keen to take this up.

There is still the opportunity to mix and match various gadgets and interior designs for your Ferrari Hy-KERS which is something that has long been associated with Ferrari. It is the sleek body, the reduced body weight, the extended horsepower capacity and the fact that this vehicle will reduce CO2 emissions by 30% which will help the company sell the idea. It will be interesting to see what kind of take up we see on the Ferrari Hy-KERS because this may well be the start of something very exciting for the company.


There was no way that Ferrari would ever give up its basic characteristics that have been built up over many years. An excellent driving experience, sleek bodywork, instant acceleration, and unimaginable power under the bonnet have all been trademarks of the company in years gone by. Whether or not the Ferrari Hy-KERS will actually make it to the main market remains to be seen but this Ferrari concept vehicle certainly set tongues wagging at the Geneva Motor Show in March.