Texas Motorists Going Green

Second Annual National Plug In Day
Second Annual National Plug In Day

Texas is the hotbed of oil and gas exploration in the U.S. and is therefore dominated by the gasoline fuelled vehicles which have been the norm for so many years now. However this situation is changing and a number of dealerships across Texas are reporting a significant increase in demand for hybrid and electric cars. While this will shock many people, it seems that motorists in Texas are finally throwing off their blinkers and looking towards the future.

Gasoline prices

Despite the fact that gasoline prices in America are but a fraction of those in the UK and many other countries around the world, we have seen an increase of late. As a consequence, many American motorists are feeling the pinch in their pocket and looking towards vehicles such as hybrid and electric cars, which on the whole offer better value for money with regards to fuel costs.

It also helps that the U.S. government has recently been offering a variety of financial incentives for those looking towards hybrid and electric cars, although this incentive program is under the microscope with an array of cost-cutting measures to the U.S. budget. However it is interesting to see that Ford dealerships have seen sales of electric and hybrid vehicles more than double between 2011 and 2012, with Houston alone registering a 124% increase.

Could hybrids be the stepping stone to electric vehicles?

The vast majority of motorists in Texas who were now looking towards hybrid vehicles are doing so because of the ever increasing cost of gasoline. They appear to be more and more at home and more and more at ease with hybrids and to a lesser extent electric car technology, which is now growing in popularity. Dealerships across Texas are also reporting motorists intrigued by the various new technology elements added to hybrid and electric vehicles which make them stand out from their traditional gasoline counterparts.

Quote from ElectricForum.com : "Texas Grid is the latest electric grid company to step forward and allay public fears about the ongoing increase in electric car usage."

At this moment in time hybrid and electric cars account for less than 2% of the overall Texas automobile market. Experts believe that the ongoing lift in hybrid and electric car sales represents an overall increase in the market and the market share of these vehicles is unlikely to rise above 2% in the short term. However, one plus point, there is no doubt that motorists are now more at ease with hybrid and electric cars than they ever have been, they are willing to take advantage of the various financial incentives recently on offer and alternatives to gasoline are a real option to motorists across the state.


The very fact that the likes of Ford, General Motors and an array of other U.S. automobile companies have reported growing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles is certainly interesting. Some experts believe the uplift is purely and simply down to more demand for vehicles as a whole but the truth is that this is an area of the automobile industry which has struggled to hit the mass market and has struggled to convert traditional motorists but is looking more to be a viable option at this moment in time.

We will continue to monitor the situation with regards to hybrid and electric vehicles across Texas and other areas of America. Whether or not the introduction of new hybrids will increase demand and increase popularity, with a potential stepping stone towards full electric cars, remains to be seen.