Interview: Chris Everitt, Founder and Director of EV Charging Solutions

Chris Everitt EV Charging Solutions
Chris Everitt EV Charging Solutions

The latest of our interviews with experts in the electric vehicle market comes from Chris Everett, the founder and a director of UK-based EV Charging Solutions. Chris gives us a very interesting insight into the electric vehicle charging market and his general opinions on the electric car market itself are extremely informative. We trust you will enjoy his interview below:

Question: How long have you been involved in the electric vehicle market?

EV Charging Solutions was founded in September 2013. Prior to this I have 10 years of experience in the electrical industry.

Question: Do you think that electric vehicles will outnumber their gasoline/petrol counterparts in the next 20 years?

Yes, the tipping point will come sooner rather than later. Environmental pressure means manufacturers have little choice other than to offer an electric drive train in their vehicles. As more and more vehicles are released the public’s perception of electric vehicles will change and we expect them to be the vehicle to have rather than the diesel or petrol alternative.

Question: Are governments doing enough to support the electric vehicle market?

The government’s fiscal measures are the real driving force behind the huge increase in plug in vehicle sales. The plug in car grant helps to reduce the up-front costs faced by the user and the generous BIK rate on plug in vehicles means any company car driver that chooses a plug in rather than a diesel or petrol vehicle can save a significant amount of money. The biggest saving we have had was one customer saving £16,000 over three years by changing to a plug in vehicle.

Question: Why has the electric vehicle sector seemingly failed so often in the past?

A lack of vehicles and public perception has been the real stumbling block to the take-off of vehicles. Originally people's views were the cars were more like milk floats and weren't taken seriously. With nearly every major manufacturer including Bentley and Lamborghini offering a plug in vehicle, people's choice and views have changed in favour of electric vehicles.

Question: Is battery charging technology the final piece of the jigsaw?

No, battery technology is the key. We speak to clients everyday who say the same thing, when all vehicles go 300 miles on a charge you will have mass adoption. Charging infrastructure is an important factor especially when ranges are around 80-100 miles. On a 300 mile journey the driver will have to charge up to 4 times. You have a vehicle that goes 300 miles you don't have to stop en route. Destination charging will increase in popularity, en route charging may not be needed as much.

Question: What other general comments would you like to make about the electric vehicle market?

EV Charging Solutions are leading installers of EC charging infrastructure based in the Midlands and working nationwide. We install hundreds of home charging units every month and have a growing list of commercial clients including the environment agency, Deloitte, Duchy of Cornwall and Brompton bikes.