Who Would Use a GEM Electric Car?

GEM Electric Vehicle
GEM Electric Vehicle

The GEM electric vehicle is by far and away the most popular so-called neighborhood electric vehicle/low speed vehicle on the market today. This is a brand which has been around for many years, and while it is commonly associated with neighborhood and personal use there are many other areas in which you will see GEM electric cars.

Hotels and resorts

Some of the larger hotel and resort complexes have an array of GEM electric vehicles which are used to ferry customers from place to place within these large complexes. This not only ensures minimum inconvenience for customers but also ensures they have more time to spend within the complex!

Colleges and universities

The colleges and universities of today are enormous compared to those of yesteryear. The ability to use GEM electric vehicles to ferry, not only students but also teaches and assistants around these large complexes is a godsend. While perhaps not the first use that you would think of for a neighborhood electric vehicle, they certainly make a difference.

Security patrols

Zero emission low speed neighborhood electric vehicles are just perfect for security patrols, increasing the coverage available for security guards. This is not only one of the most efficient ways to patrol a complex but it can also potentially save significant money for the security companies.

Federal government and the military

Federal government and the military have been using neighborhood electric vehicles for many years now and it is no surprise when you bear in mind the enormous complexes on which many public services are housed. This not only reduces emissions into the atmosphere but it is also one of the most efficient methods of getting individuals from A to B on these large complexes.

States, cities and municipalities

You will have noticed yourself that many public services involve the use of GEM electric vehicles which are perfect for carrying various pieces of equipment and materials required in the everyday working life of a public service worker. This may include everything from gardening to building maintenance, from on-site deliveries, to picking up fellow workers.

Property management

Many of the large property management companies have an array of properties on large complexes which are often quite a way apart. The ability to not only patrol these areas but also carry various goods and tools can be a godsend. The role of the everyday caretaker is now very different on these particular developments with the introduction of neighborhood electric vehicles.

Athletics and entertainment

There is no doubt you will at some point have seen GEM electric vehicles in use at athletics and entertainment events. They are a very easy, very cheap, and very efficient way of moving individuals, materials, and tools from place to place within these large arenas. When you bear in mind the durability of the modern day neighborhood electric vehicle they offer exceptional value for money.

Neighborhood and commuting

As the term neighborhood electric vehicle suggests, GEM electric vehicles are perhaps most recognised as an alternative method of neighborhood and local commuting. The street laws for various neighborhood electric vehicles are different from state to state but the vast majority of local authorities allow these on the roads as long as they do not go above a certain speed. The traditional neighborhood electric vehicle of today is extremely roadworthy and in many cases automatically street legal.

Landscaping and construction

Low speed vehicles were something of a godsend for the landscaping and construction industry because, while they may be relatively small vehicles, they are able to hold and transport a significant weight of materials. Many neighborhood vehicles are also very good on untraditional terrain which may not be easy for more traditional petrol/gasoline powered vehicles.


As the number of neighborhood electric vehicles continues to grow, there is no doubt that the GEM electric vehicle is still the most recognised name. As we have touched on above, it is able to operate in a variety of different arenas offering assistance where perhaps more traditional vehicles would struggle. These low speed/low emission vehicles are extremely efficient and it is not difficult to see why they are growing ever more popular.