Nissan Offers Free Electricity to Revitalise EV Sales

Nissan offers free electricity to revitalise EV sales
Nissan offers free electricity to revitalise EV sales

Hot on the tails of a trial in Texas, Nissan has this week revealed that those who acquire a Nissan Leaf after 1 April 2014 will be entitled to free electricity for the next two years. They will be given a card allowing them access to the four major electric vehicle charging networks: ChargePoint, Blink, AeroVironment and eVGo. The recent trial in Texas led to a threefold increase in the sale of Nissan Leaf vehicles at one of the company's dealerships. So could this be the next step towards mass market appeal for the Nissan Leaf?

To be honest, there have been many similar promotions considers and executed by various electric vehicle manufacturers around the world. Some have been successful and some have fallen by the wayside but the reality is that the greater the value of the offer available to electric vehicle enthusiasts the more chance they will acquire your vehicles.

Read the small print

While there is no doubt that two years of free recharging will go down very well with Nissan Leaf owners, there are some restrictions you should be aware. The offer gives you access to both level II and fast charger services with a maximum one hour free with level II and 30 minutes with a fast chargers. While the fast charge service will give you 80% capacity on your battery it is worth noting that the level II option will only give you in the region of 20 miles journey capacity. Ensure that you factor this into your plans!

Quote from : "Many people are still sitting on the fence with regards to electric vehicles and their short to medium term value therefore the option to buy or lease a Nissan Leaf has given electric vehicle followers food for thought. So, did you decide to buy or lease your Nissan Leaf?"

This option will soon be rolled out to 25 of the company’s worldwide markets with 10 due for rollout this July alone. There is no doubt that this will further entice electric vehicle enthusiasts towards the Nissan Leaf, a car which is already making significant ripples in the electric vehicle market.

Educating consumers

On the face of it, perhaps the main problem facing the electric vehicle industry is to educate consumers about the electric vehicle revolution. There have been significant developments in battery technology, there have been major developments in EV technology and while many of us will panic about finding the next electric vehicle charging station, you have probably passed many during your daily journeys.

It is becoming apparent that electric vehicle charging stations are not always advertised or promoted as they should be and many of us are not aware of their existence in our neighbourhood. The two-year free charging card to be issued by Nissan will focus the eyes and ears of Nissan Leaf owners in the months and years ahead and they will likely become more aware of electric vehicle charging services in their neighbourhood.


Nissan has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle market for some time now, this is a company which is prepared to go that extra mile and give incentives to attract the attention of EV enthusiast. It will be interesting to see how this latest promotion is received and indeed whether the significant increase in sales experienced in Texas is replicated elsewhere. It may simply be a case of educating consumers around the world and making them more aware of the services in their neighbourhood and on their long-distance journeys.