Will the Nissan BladeGlider Finally Offer Some Competition to Tesla?

Will the Nissan BladeGlider finally offer some competition to Tesla?
Will the Nissan BladeGlider finally offer some competition to Tesla?

It should be an interesting Tokyo Motor Show later this month, with Nissan expected to showcase its new entry to the green market in the shape of the Nissan BladeGlider. The name itself is already getting car enthusiasts buzzing and when you take a look at the structure and design of the vehicle it certainly looks the party. Some believe that finally we could have a competitive vehicle which might at last reduce the market share which Tesla has built up at the luxury end of the electric vehicle market.

So what exactly can we expect from the Nissan BladeGlider and will it really be the next big thing in luxury green travel?

What is the BladeGlider?

When we tell you that the Nissan BladeGlider is 1 m wide at the front and 1.89 m wide at the back you will begin to get an idea of the design and look of this particular vehicle. It is able to accommodate a driver in the front, centrally positioned in the style of a pilot, and the two passengers in the rear will certainly have the ride of their lives.

Quote from PropertyForum.com : "Even though the Nissan Leaf EV has taken the headlines of late this is just one of many Nissan electric cars coming to the market. What can we expect next from this technologically advanced Japanese car manufacturer?"

The design of the vehicle ensures that the centre of gravity is focused upon the rear tyres, which makes for excellent handling and ultra-tight corners. This is something which has been in design for some time now and while some sceptics were cautious that it would ever make it to market, it seems that later this month we could see the finished product. Will this be the next big vehicle to tackle the luxury end of the electric car market? Or is this just a publicity stunt by Nissan to take the light away from Tesla?

Tesla's dominance

The fact that Tesla is now moving down towards the mass market end of the electric vehicle sector illustrates the fact that the company has a stranglehold on the luxury electric vehicle market. While companies such as Nissan have been very successful with the award-winning Nissan Leaf there is no doubt that few companies have even dared to take on Tesla in its own backyard, i.e. luxury cars.

With some companies you might wonder whether a potential loss of market share could force them to lose momentum, but the fact is that Tesla Motors is like no other vehicle company in the world and seems to thrive on competition. Chief executive officer Elon Musk has this week been fighting his own battles with reports of a third fire connected to one of the groundbreaking Tesla Model S vehicles. However, those who write off the multibillionaire do so at their own risk!

Competition is good

On the face of it there is no doubt that competition at the luxury end of the electric vehicle market is good for everybody, it will keep Tesla fresh, and it will keep prices soft. It will also allow consumers more variety and more options and could potentially kickstart yet another phase of the electric car market. The Nissan BladeGlider certainly looks different, it is not your stereotypical green car, but it is certain to attract the attention of drivers desperate for performance and styling within an environmentally friendly vehicle.