The Sheer Silence of the BMW ActiveE


The adage goes, when trees fall in the forest, do they make a noise as no one hears it. This is also the same issue with the BMW ActiveE, as this rear drive coupe has no sound when it runs even at top speed.

One of the features of this vehicle is the absence of a tailpipe, or even an internal combustion engine. This is actually the first Beamer that is purely electric and the first release would be made to 700 Americans to assist in evaluation of the BMW electric technology. The only sound that this vehicle creates is a muted whir similar to a jet turbine as the 125-kilowatt electric motor goes into action.

This limited production ActiveE weighs in at a robust four thousand pounds, which is 800 lbs heavier than the BMW1 Series, which was the vehicle’s design inspiration. Acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour comes in at a market average 8.5 seconds was not spectacular but the surges between zero to thirty and fifty to eighty were technological marvels. Despite the absence of an internal combustion engine, all the other expectations from a BMW remain, such as steering response and the luxurious accommodations.

There are nearly two hundred battery cells crammed in the vehicle, adding weight that is compensated by the calibrated suspension. Because of the added weight, the range capacity of this vehicle is at eighty miles. To allow for an extended range, there are specific settings to assist the driver, such as the Ecopro setting. For recharging, the on board 7.7 kilowatt charger plugged to any 240 volt circuit can fully charge the vehicle in just a little over four hours.

As for the interior, it is still BMW with its materials but made austere to a degree still in consonance with its luxury brand. As for the dashboard, the information display provides battery charge level readouts and other important driving information.

According to BMW’s Manager of Electric Vehicle Operation and Strategy for the United States, Rich Steinberg, said, “It’s a step up from the Mini E. It’s got leather. It’s got navi. It’s got cruise. It’s got heated seats. It’s got satellite. All the things you’d expect from BMW.”

The ActiveE’s predecessor was the MiniE the previous electric program of the German carmaker. The interiors were Spartan and with a rougher drive compared to the current version. While the battery, motor and drive train are the same, the ActiveE though silent would be the future of electric cars for BMW.