Porsche Unveils its Electric Boxster


Last May, Porsche unveiled its answer to the electric car revolution at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Berlin. Two versions of the Porsche Boxster E were unveiled, where one had two electric motors and another with just one motor.

While still in the research stage, the Boxster E provided the following specs:

  • 0 to 60 in just 5.5 seconds;
  • Top speed at 124 mph;
  • Driving range of 107 miles;
  • Road weight of 3,527 lbs.

The Boxster E’s two electric motors can be fully recharged in nine (9) hours using a 220-volt outlet. With the two motors, there is increased efficiency of the drive unit as more power is recovered due to more energy being captured during regenerative braking. As an additional feature, engineers in the car company has included an Active Sound Design system that provides drivers acoustic feedback and warn passers by of the car’s passing.

This system simulates the sound of the classic six cylinder Porsche and becomes louder as the accelerator is stepped on. The sound is generated with two speakers, one at the rear and one at the cabin to maintain the Porsche sound, music for the die-hard Porsche enthusiast.

This is a two seater but still at the prototype stage and is colored silver and orange. In the vehicle is a liquid cooled lithium ion battery pack made up of 340 individual cells. The power this pack generates is transferred to the electric motor in the rear axle assembly beneath the vehicle’s luggage compartment. The electric motor is able to deliver 121bhp at 12,000 rpm driving 199lb ft of torque, true power for this all-electric vehicle.

The Boxster E still is not available in the market, as it still needs to be improved to maintain the Porsche quality and standard. Driving one on the street is still a way’s off but clearly this is one more sign that the electric car will soon nudge out the gas guzzling cars of the future.