Infiniti Unveils Electric Vehicle


Nissan’s luxury brand Infiniti has recently unveiled at the New York International Auto Show last April 6 a production ready electric vehicle. The new vehicle is a departure from previous electric concept cars from the company, such as the Emerg-E unveiled in the Geneva Auto Show.

The Infiniti LE is now ready for the U.S. market and provides the luxury counterpart to the Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is one of the world’s mass produced electric vehicles. The LE though is about the same size as the flagship G sedan from the luxury brand. Compared to the Leaf, the LE provides leg room and large cargo space.

The LE also has the same battery size as the Leaf but has a bigger motor, rated at 100kW, delivering more horsepower providing impressive acceleration to the Infiniti. This vehicle also has a wireless charging system, giving a peek into the mass production of the wireless charging system for electric vehicles. This would allow drivers to dispense with plugging in to an outlet to having just a special pad in the garage to recharge the batteries. Even with the wireless charging system, the LE can still be charged through a CHAdeMO DC50kW quick charging system.

Even Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s head honcho, has put his personal reputation on the line in supporting electric vehicles. He was also present during the introduction of the Infiniti LE, suggesting that the company puts a premium on this already elite model.

The electric motor provides 240 foot pounds of torque and uses a 24 kWh lithium ion battery mounted below the passenger compartment. The range of the LE is expected to be at 160 km and is assisted with a high rear deck, aero treated wheels, rear diffuser and spoilers at the front and sides, lowering overall drag coefficient. This is also one of the very few front wheel drive systems that the company has produced.

One of the major drawbacks would be the laid back design of the LE, a far cry from the very vogue design of the Emerg-E. The Infiniti LE is so laid back and run of the mill that could be one of the more common vehicles in any upper middle class garage throughout North America.

The normal looks of the Nissan Infiniti LE hopes to be the bridge that connects to the second generation of EV adopters. This second generation would be much higher in population compared to the first adopters who had bought in to the Nissan Leaf, leading to the continuation of the electric vehicle revolution.