The DeLorean Makes A Comeback


Back in 1981, the DeLorean was seemed to be destined to oblivion because of an FBI operation and a fake drug deal. The popularity of this silver vehicle was revived in the cult movies starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, “Back to the Future” and its subsequent sequels.

As a result, the DeLorean Motor Company was re-opened in Texas to build and restore DMC-12s from the existing available factory parts. This business continued successfully for the company.

Now, thirty years after the serial production of the car ended, the company has announced that it would be building new cars in 2013. The new vehicles would not just be any replicas of the famed movie set car with character but all electric DMC 12s.

The new DMC 12 would be built with an electric motor from Epic EV and is expected to have a 215 kW AC motor allowing the car to cruise at 125 mph.

This is a long way from the humble beginnings of the DeLorean DMC-12. The first original internal combustion engine cars were built in Dunmurry, Belfast Northern Ireland. The builder and designer was John DeLorean and was made specifically made for the American car market in 1982. The design had gull-wing doors and a fiberglass underbody to which brushed stainless steel panels are attached.

There were about 9,000 DMC-12s were made before the original company went into fiscal bankruptcy in 1982. The name DeLorean Motor Company was resurrected by Stephen Wynne and acquired the logos for the company. The company then started building DeLoreans using old parts of the original company, so technically there are no new DeLoreans, only remanufactured originals.

This has changed though with the announcement. Is the time machine part of the car be far ahead in the future? Let’s wait and see.