Tesla’s Roadster Conquers the Great Wall of China


A Tesla Roadster traveling around the world has arrived at the Great Wall of China, the most iconic cultural landmark of the eight-month road trip for the electric vehicle.

One of the stops the Roadster had last week was at one section of the 8,852-kilometer Great Wall, with one of China’s most respected actors Chen Dao Ming known for his roles in "Hero,” and"Aftershock,” driving the vehicle along the revered Wall.

According to a statement released by Tesla, Beijing was the eighth stop in the “Odyssey of Pioneers”, the first round-the-world tour by a zero-emission car. The 37,000 kilometer voyage was sponsored by Tesla Motors, together with Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer. The road trip includes showroom displays, owner appreciation gatherings and VIP events at fifteen cities and more than 150 towns covering three continents. The tour will conclude in Paris this coming October. In May, the Roadster appeared for the first time in India and a reception was held in Jaipur by His Royal Highness Sawai Bhawani Singh Bahadur, the last Maharajah of Jaipur, Rajasthan’s most significant political, cultural and a religious figure. Before that, the Roadster became the first non-Russian car to get official clearance to park on Moscow's Red Square.

Tesla Motors claimed that throughout India, Russia, China and other countries, the Roadster uses conventional outlets to charge the car during the journey.

The company said that the TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster showed versatility and convenience in charging the battery as it could charge from standard outlets like it did at hotels, at solar panels in Italy, and even at a barn in a rural community in Switzerland. Last April 13, the car arrived in Budapest, where Nikola Tesla, during a feverish hallucination along the banks of the Danube River, came up with the design for his revolutionary alternating-current induction motor in 1882.

For the first time, Silicon Valley-based car maker Tesla Motors paid homage to its namesake, hosting a VIP celebration and prospective customer test drives at the TAG Heuer Boutique in Budapest, Hungary.

The Tesla Roadster is the only electric car for sale in Europe or North America that uses an AC induction motor descended from the scientist’s original vision. Tesla Motors unveiled the Roadster in 2006, in time for the UNESCO declaration of the Year of Nikola Tesla in celebration of the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Meanwhile, the automaker said that their goal is to produce an increasingly affordable electric car for mainstream buyers that would drive down the cost of Electric Vehicles.

The California based Tesla has delivered more than 1000 Roadsters to customers in North America, Europe and Asia. Tesla designs and manufactures EVs and EV power train components. It is currently the only automaker in the United States that builds and sells highway-capable EVs in mass production. The Tesla Roadster accelerates faster than most sports cars but produces no emissions.