Indonesia’s Electric Car: The SKEV 1


In consonance with many giant automakers, Indonesia has joined the electric car race with the SKEV 1. The electric car is short for Signal Custom Electric Vehicle 1.

The SKEV 1 is an improved version of the 1992 Honda Genio, where modifications were integrated into the vehicle. The electric motor was designed by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences while the body was modified by Signal Kustom.

According to Abdul Hapid, one of the LIPI team members, the lithium batteries are nanotechnology enabled. The charging rate of the batteries is an hour compared to the standard battery charging time takes about six to ten hours.

In addition, Andre Mulyadi of Signal Kustom, “While LIPI only concentrates on technology and less on design concepts. So, we refine concepts of a more futuristic designs.”

The SKEV 1 can run up to 200 kms with a full charge able to generate 156 horsepower. There is also an indicator on the dashboard to advise the allowed distance that can be traveled with the remaining power in the batteries. The car is also designed with the “regenerative braking system”, allowing the car to recharge its battery with every step of the brake.

The unit also has features such as spyglass mirrors and GPS enabled equipment, among others. The whole frame of the SKEV 1 is made of metal, with the hood and fenders carved out of metal and given a new chassis cradle with double adjustable coils for better shock absorption.

The SKEV 1 is designed to be an environmentally friendly vehicle with a futuristic design for better efficiency.