Newer Electric Models of Classics Unveiled


The electric car revolution is also changing the current crop of vehicles on the road today.; the classics are now being turned electric with the blessings of their original automaker.

The first one is the Hummer, that beast of a vehicle that took inspiration from the all terrain vehicle the military has in use. Now, a company based out of London named Prindiville has modified this iconic vehicle and has turned it into a two seater electric Hummer. This modification is now an official licensed product of General Motors, the original makers of the Hummer and its later versions. The Prindiville Electric Hummer is just a smaller version of its original design and is allowed to travel in and around London without being charged for London Congestion Charge and other taxes.

The Electric Hummer utilizes a 72V lithium ion battery with a range of sixty miles. The batteries can be recharged using an on-board Delta-QTM Multi-Region charging system that can be plugged into a standard indoor or outdoor socket. Full recharging takes eight hours for a 13 ampere outlet, but higher amperage means shorter charging times. On the average, the Electric Hummer can cost as low as 1.2 pence per mile in electricity.

The chassis is made of lightweight materials and has an introductory Limited Edition series of 25 vehicles before going full blast manufacturing. The materials include carbon fiber detailing on the front hood storage compartment, flared wheel arches, the iconic chrome louver grill, and matte black window surrounds. For safety, there are lockable double skinned doors and injection moulded LED lamps at the front and rear for better lighting under any condition. Other features include, heated sports seats in white trim, LCD digital dashboard display for battery charge indicators and speed, Pioneer CD radio and MP3 in car system with slim line remote control for entertainment.

The price range is from £25,000 to $40,000 depending on the options and this excludes taxes, VAT and shipping. The vehicle comes with a two year or 10,000 mile warranty, with a one year 24 hour roadside recovery/breakdown assistance.

According to Truska Angel, Prindiville Design CEO, “In parallel to being one of the world’s leading luxury coachbuilders, we are fully aware of our responsibility to offer motorists sustainable choices through the provision of exciting transport solutions in this evolving electric sector. The new model is clearly a step in the right direction and the beginning of an exciting journey which promotes individual styling preferences, fun and an all-important sustainable lifestyle. This is clear evidence that greener choices do not have to compromise luxury and beautiful design.”