Nissan Leaf as a Battery Pack


Giant Japanese carmaker Nissan has unveiled a new feature of its electric car, the Leaf. With a few adjustments, the fully electric vehicle can become an alternative electrical source able to power a medium sized family home for two (2) days using its lithium ion batteries.

The program is called the “Leaf to Home” system and was inspired by the recent disaster affecting Japan. With this system, the car can become an emergency power back up source during a natural disaster or a power blackout.

According to the carmaker, this new technological add-on can become commercially available in Japan by the first quarter of 2012. The technology essentially links the car to the home’s main circuit breaker through its quick charging port. Current Leaf batteries have the ability to store twenty four (24) kilowatt hours of energy at full charge. This amount is equal to the average Japanese home consumption for two (2) full days.

The electrical output of the Nissan Leaf using the Leaf to Home technology is six kilowatts, which is able to power appliances such as a refrigerator, air conditioner and washing machine all at the same time. Thus aside from being able to store power during off peak hours from the grid, it can return this energy should the necessity arise.