German Giant Unveils Improved Green Machine


BMW, the German car giant, has been giving tidbits as to their electric concept platforms. Now they will take center stage at the Paris Motor Show where they would be formally unveiling their concept electric vehicle called the i3. While this program has been in the works for quite some time, the latest version would be unveiled in the Paris Motor Show. The focus in this version would be the demand to lower the demand for fuel as well as having renewable materials both within and outside the concept vehicle.

Amongst the renewable materials utilized would be the eucalyptus wood dashboard taken from a sustainable source in Europe, as well as the use of natural fibers such as wool and tanning extracts for the leather used from olive leaves. The concept also has power under the hood, with 125kW/170bhp and 250Nm of torque would be able to drive the car from zero to 100 in just eight seconds according to the reports from BMW. The battery of the i3 has a full charging time of six hours and may improve especially when the vehicle would become available only by 2013.

The other vehicle in the electric mode design for BMW is the i8. These two cars have been geared for different markets but share a common effect of being environmentally friendly. The i3 would be a small city electric vehicle while the i8 would be a hybrid sports car with both an electric motor and a three cylinder internal combustion engine range extender. Both are built from lightweight aluminum structure with the body from carbon fiber materials. This makes the two designs lighter than usual, allowing for a smaller battery pack to run them without being inefficient. BMW says that the i3 is able to travel up to 95 miles on a single full charge while the i8 can only travel up to 21 miles with its electric motor not being assisted by the gasoline engine.

As of the moment, there have been no determined prices for these prized electric vehicles.  Other design innovations include the extensive use of glass, opposing doors, absence of a center tunnel, and high tech gadgetry on the dashboard. The gadgets include a nearly nine inch Central Information Display, six and a half inch ‘instrument cluster’ and a third touch screen that manages audio and airconditioning for the vehicles. Another feature would be the inclusion of folding iPedelec Concept bikes in the rear trunk of both the i3 and i8. Clearly, a true all embracing concept on personal mobility that is environmentally friendly from BMW.