EV Advocates Receives Grant

A leading automaker was provided substantial financial assistance to an organization advocating the spread of the use of Electric Vehicles (EV). Plug In America, a nonprofit organization received a $25,000 grant from Nissan North America, Inc. in support of its continuing efforts to speed the adoption of mass-market plug-in vehicles through education and outreach.

"We are thrilled that Nissan has acknowledged Plug In America's leadership in the reintroduction of EVs to the marketplace," Plug In America president Dan Davids said during a two-day meeting at the Nissan headquarters. "This grant will accelerate our efforts to educate industry, government, and consumers about the many benefits of plug-in vehicles."

According to a statement released by group, the organization claimed that since its 2003 inception, it has campaigned tirelessly to stop automakers from crushing Electric Vehicles.

Its efforts have ranged from high school lecture-demos with Tesla Roadsters to federal legislative advocacy and global media outreach, the group said.

"Plug in America has championed the benefits of electric vehicles with unwavering focus and consistency for the better part of a decade," said Scott Becker, Senior Vice President of Nissan North America. "We’re gratified to be able to help support the organization’s continuing efforts to increase positive awareness of EVs for consumers, manufacturers and policymakers alike."

Plug in America stated that with new EVs such as Nissan’s Leaf slated to reach showrooms in just months, the nonprofit organization is currently working to boost purchasing incentives for plug-in vehicles and charging stations and to raise awareness of existing incentives.

With the goal of maximizing consumers’ daily driving experience, it is collaborating with municipalities, utilities, automakers and others to build the coming public charging infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Nissan claims in a statement posted in their website, that Leaf will be the first affordable, mass-market electric vehicle (EV). Nissan.

Japan’s third biggest carmaker, said that its Leaf electric car would cost less than 30,000 euros ($38,110) in most European countries.

The company together with its French alliance partner Renault has invested some four billion dollars in their electric vehicles’ projects like the “Leaf,” which will be out in Western countries next year.

In the United States, the Leaf is priced at $32,780 excluding federal tax credits or other incentives, which could cut the Leaf’s price to around 10 percent to around $23,000.

Davids and seven other Plug In America board members accepted the grant during meetings with Nissan executives including Carlos Tavares, Chairman and Executive Vice President for Nissan Americas, according to the organization.

The meetings touched on topics from Leaf project updates to market research and will include a tour of the site in Smyrna, TN on which Nissan plans to build Leaf manufacturing and battery plants.

In other "readiness" efforts to prepare all stakeholders for the plug-in vehicle re-emergence, Plug In America created a comprehensive Plug-In Vehicle Tracker of myriad makes and models to come, and published its first annual "Definitive Guide to Plug-in Electric Vehicles." It helped to roughly double incentive funding in the California Air Resources Board’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project and boost funding in the federal stimulus bill for plug-in vehicles.  For more information: www.pluginamerica.org