Speeding On an Electric Vehicle


Unless you are late for a flight or bringing someone to the hospital, speed is not always an issue with electric vehicle. This is often sacrificed for fuel efficiency and environmental preservation. One of the best cars for sudden bursts of acceleration is the Toyota RAV4 EV. This crossover electric is able to suddenly reach speeds up to 75 mph. Under certain conditions, the Toyota RAV 4 can reach up to 100 mph. The reason for zip in this often staid vehicle line that prides itself in reliability and dependability is the participation of Tesla Motors under the hood.

The RAV 4 EV is able to marry the Japanese calming presence with the California cutting edge spirit. The 2012 model would start to be made available in sixty Toyota dealerships throughout California. During its unveiling, the Terminator, then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was on stage with maverick Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota Motor Corp.

The unveiling was similar to a movie premiere, with Governor Schwarzenegger saying, “The Prius is an extraordinary car that goes more than fifty miles per gallon. That was revolutionary.” He then moved to a Tesla Roadster, saying “You can do something that is very sexy-looking, that goes from zero to sixty in less than 3.9 seconds.” He ended by saying “Both of those forces now come together.”

The company’s choice of the RAV 4 as the model for the Toyota-Tesla venture was filled with uncertainty when the two vastly different car companies met. The Tesla group had to learn the full Toyota full model line, choosing which one to make into an electric vehicle. On the other hand, Toyota’s people were just opening their minds to the EV system for the first time in their engineering careers.

The RAV 4 was chosen largely through its ability to carry a battery pack that can provide great range. One of the requirements set by Toyota’s CEO was that the vehicle be built in North America, as well as having a previous experience with EV design and handling. The RAV 4 had electric models totalling 1,500 vehicles built between 1997 and 2003.

One of the major changes made was the battery capacity of the RAV 4, built by Tesla and had a 41.8 kilowatt hour span. The current average stands at 24 KwH. The bigger battery also provides power for other functions, such as air-conditioning, music and other accessories. The large battery pack also provides a good center of gravity for the vehicle, as it is located beneath the center of the cabin.

This battery is able to provide power to drive 273 pound feet of torque and run 154 horsepower. Zero to sixty can be attained at just seven seconds, which is nearly the same as an internal combustion RAV4 using a V-6 engine. The brake system of the 2012 RAV 4 is taken from the Prius, which also features regenerative braking technology.