Tesla Up In Arms Against the New York Times

Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors

Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla Motors, has called the recent New York Times Review on the Tesla Model S as ‘fake’.

The Tesla boss went on Twitter denouncing the review and defending the carmaker’s highly touted family super saloon all electric car. The review said that the electric car ran out of power sooner than expected when it was driven on one cold winter day. Musk tweeted, “NYTimes article about Tesla range in cold is fake.” He added that Tesla is preparing a blog to detail what actually occurred in the test driver and is now “lining up other journalists to do the same drive”.

For its part, the New York Times defended its review, claiming Musk’s assertions as ‘flatly untrue’. The review was done by John Broder, who test drove the Model S from Washington DC to Connecticut. He said that during the trip the battery charge drained sooner than touted, which then forced him to turn down heating and drive beyond the speed limit. Ultimately, the car did not reach its destination and had to be towed to a charging station.

As for the tweet by Musk, the New York Times in a statement said that the review was ‘completely factual, describing the trip as it occurred. Any suggestion that the account was fake is of course, flatly untrue.” It further added that there was no unreported detour that occurred during the test drive.

Tesla has repeatedly stated that the Model S has a range of 265 miles or 426 km on a single full charge. In some instances, the car firm said that the Model S can run up to 300 miles.

Many industry experts has observed that the range of electric cars lower because of cold weather.

In another move, even Model S owners are organizing to set the record straight regarding the review John Broder did for the New York Times on the Tesla Model S. These concerned Tesla owners would be replicating the travel done from Maryland to Connecticut to show that the vehicles are more than able to complete the trip he couldn’t complete. The counter-review trip would start from Tesla Service Center in Rockville, Maryland and they would pick up several other Tesla Model S owners at the Delaware Supercharger, stopping over at Milford Connecticut SuperCharger to recharge their vehicles to full. The drivers would even be staying at the Groton, Connecticut hotel that Broder was billeted during his trip. The crowdsource trip is replicating the Broder trip as closely as possible.

A Twitter account has been set up so that team members can update one another during the trip. The car’s data logs would also be provided to support Musk’s rebuttal to the New York Times review.

The New York Times review has caused a ripple in the share prices for Tesla, falling two percent since the review came out last February 8. Overall though, the last twelve months have shown that Tesla share prices rise by 23.5%.

Nissan Leaf Provides More Services


The Nissan Leaf presence is now felt throughout the world. One of the first activities would be held between June 23 and 24, where a fleet of these zero emission vehicles would be driving around London to offer free ‘taxi’ rides.

One can avail of the service by sending a Tweet that incorporates hashtag ‘#6XCHEAPER’ together with chosen destination. This is one activity where the Japanese car giant would be able to obtain information from consumer feedback in designing the taxi of the future.

Utilizing the social media platform Twitter is integral in Nissan’s grand plan, ‘The Big Turn On’. The program aims to spread the electric vehicle message through social media channels to convince one million separate individuals to choose electric vehicles within just a hundred days. The program’s one million target was achieved last June 20, nearly three weeks ahead of the projected schedule.

The ‘#6XCHEAPER’ tag underscores the fuel savings provided by an electric vehicle, which is six times cheaper than fuelling a similar sized internal combustion engine. When the Nissan Leaf is charged at off peak hours, Nissan estimates that it would cost just 1.75 pence in fuel to travel one mile in a Leaf, compared to about 10 pence per mile in a fossil fuel use car.

There are other savings enjoyed by electric vehicles. Since the Nissan Leaf produces zero emissions, the vehicle is thus exempt from charges such as London’s congestion charge as well as earns no annual vehicle excise duty charges.

According to the Managing Director of Nissan Great Britain, Mr. Jim Wright, “This is part of a campaign designed to get people to turn on to 100 percent electric driving by busting many of the myths and highlighting the many benefits of electric cars, including incredibly low fuel costs.”

He further added, “By offering free taxi rides, we aim to show hundreds of people just how practical and affordable the Nissan Leaf is to run. As each journey costs us so little, we’re not charging passengers – there’s no point in quibbling over a few pence.”

The Nissan Leaf EV fleet would be based at their very own ‘taxi rank’ near the Truman Brewery by Liverpool Street Station. They would be providing free taxi rides to destinations throughout the Greater London Area. This would include as far west as Turnham Green or to the O2 Arena in the east, go south of the river as far as Clapham and as far up north as Hampstead. The operation hours would be between 10 am and 6 pm for both Saturday and Sunday. The vehicles would be operated by professional drivers from Climate Cars, a car service operator.

All the messages sent using the hashtag would be monitored and winners for the free rides would be chosen randomly to avoid long lines. Each trip of the EV would be logged and passengers would be educated as to the amount of fuel costs when one chooses to go electric.

On another end, the Nissan Leaf is also gaining a major overhaul, becoming a luxury vehicle in the United States. The vehicles have been built by Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, Missouri, who also claim to be the builders of the first ever-stretch electric limousine in the world.

This Nissan Leaf Stretch Limo is one of a kind. According to the builders, this was an easy build saying “We took a regular Nissan Leaf and we cut it into two and basically extended the frame to add a center section to stretch it into a limousine.”

Get ready to find the Nissan Leaf in your area soon.