The Allure of Electric Cars


Beforehand, the connotation of the electric vehicle was a slow moving milk float chugging along British roadways. Now with diesel prices reaching an average of £1.33 per liter, the electric car has become a serious alternative to many car owners.

Recent advances in electric vehicle technology have allowed these cars to go farther and faster than they have ever been before. All in all, nine automakers have been feverishly working on their own electric vehicle lines to make them ready to roll out of their showrooms within the year or early next year.

One of the most paradigm shifting experiences in driving an electric car is the smooth and quiet operation. Turning the ignition key would often jar you on an internal combustion engine car but with an electric vehicle, just two beeps and a green light to signal that you are all set to go.

Another inviting aspect of the electric car is the fuel costs. Some car makers boast that a full charge would cost about £2.09 or 12,000 miles per £270. Those that enjoy the Economy 7 electricity tariff would only have to pay half of that cost. Also included in the electric car benefits package in the UK is the grant of a £5,000 financial rebate for purchasers.

Also part of the mystique of the electric car is that it is not a direct pollution source. Fully electric cars do not have tailpipes that spew out noxious fumes. While the power plants still make pollutant greenhouse gases, lessening the number of vehicles that produce carbon monoxide can help slow down the accumulation of pollutants in the environment.

The distance covered per charge is still dependent on how the driver operates the vehicle. How hard you drive the vehicle determines the power you use. Also, the airconditioning and heater also eats up the stored power in the batteries, thus conserving electric charge means either opening the windows or wrapping up while in the car.

The downside of electric vehicle ownership would be the availability of public electric charging stations. So planning your route and knowing the nearest charging stations would be one of the major changes in driving behavior for many using the electric car.

Also another aspect of the vehicle that is a maintenance issue is the battery life. As of the moment, the electric car’s batteries need to be replaced every three years. And that is the single biggest maintenance cost for an electric vehicle owner would face.

Still, driving an electric car in the UK is still a novel idea but the idea is taking root. In the next months or years, more and more would be driving one in British roadways.