New Jobs in the Electric Vehicle Market


With the increasing number of electric vehicles being built, offered, and sold throughout the world, new occupations are developing in the electric car market. Because of the multitude of possible jobs and responsibilities in the market, new positions and occupations are made available each day. As the electric car revolution trudges on, the following are the new positions that can help assist end users in the purchase of their car of the future.

Chemists. These individuals help in the investigation of properties, composition, matter structure and laws on how chemicals react to one another. In the electric car field, they are very helpful in the design and development of batteries. Together with engineers, they help in the innovation and improvement of current car designs and compositions to be able to create a more efficient and effective electric car design.  A specific kind of chemist is called a materials scientist where properties and structures of various materials used in electric cars would be studied to either improve them or find new ones.  To be able to be employed in the electric car industry it is necessary that one has a doctorate degree to develop new materials but even bachelor or masteral degrees would suffice.  One also has to be computer adept in order to be able to do data analysis, integration, computer modeling and testing.

Engineers. Because this is a building industry, it is important to have engineers on staff to assist in the development and creation of electric cars.  Many kinds of engineers would be needed as the industry further develops. Chemical engineers apply chemistry principles to improve equipment and materials as well as create processes to develop chemicals and products for the industry. Electrical engineers would manage the design, development, testing and manufacture of the electric vehicles electric and electronic components.  Their focus is the electrical circuitry that governs the engine processes of an electric or hybrid vehicle. Electronics engineers on the other hand are primarily responsible for control systems and other electronic components of the vehicle.  These engineers do not handle the electrical aspects of the vehicle. Industrial engineers on the other hand are those experts that improve efficiency as well as effectivity in the use of the basic factors of production in an electric car company.  Mechanical engineers develop the tools, engines, machines and other mechanical means to assist the production line in the building of electric cars. Computer engineers develop the computer programs to assist the company in the creation of electric cars. Each of these particular disciplines would enjoy good employment opportunities in electric car companies depending on the qualifications of the individual. The higher the degree, say doctorate degree as against masteral or bachelor degree, would command a greater wage and with it a higher responsibility in delivering the needed expertise in the particular engineering field.

Assemblers. Since the dawn of the automotive age, the assembly line is the lifeline of any carmaker. Now with electric cars, a new breed of assemblers is needed in the industry. These include electrical and electronics equipment assemblers, electromechanical equipment assemblers, machine assemblers, computer aided machine tool operators, production managers and other personnel essential to the proper functioning of the assembly line. Since many of these are technical jobs, having the proper certification or technical skills would be necessary to be qualified for employment in an electric car manufacturing company.