Electric Scooters Increasing in Popularity


Because of the continued increase of fuel prices and electric cars still remain quite expensive, many are turning to electric scooters for their transportation needs. Many individuals opt for these low cost vehicles as they don’t require fuel, tax, or insurance coverage.

The Department for Transport is now conducting an investigation because of the increased sales of these transportation platforms. According to Transport Minister Norman Baker, there is nothing illegal for an individual owning a so-called mobility scooter. There has to be a line drawn with these vehicles, so as there would be no misuse or abuse of the vehicular privileges.

There are two kinds of these electric scooters. There is a four mph version for footpaths and the turbo version that can reach up to eight mph. These can be used on roadways as long as they are fitted with lights, both at the front and back of the unit.

One of the most outlandish mobility scooters was built by Colin Furze. With his modifications, the scooter was able to reach 71.59 mph. He fitted the scooter with a 1997 CR125 motocross engine, with five gears and twin exhausts. With this scooter, he was able to break the Guinness Book of World Records.

One lawmaker, Alison Seabeck of the Labor Party has called on proper regularization for these scooters. She has submitted a plan for basic training on the proper use of the mobility scooters and accident records for individuals would be kept even for these smaller vehicles.

The largest group of mobility scooter users, Charity Scoot-A-Long has supported this measure. This would ensure the safety and durability of the scooters, especially after an eighty year old died when his mobility scooter had overturned. The drawback for this measure would be the limitation for some elderly and disabled individuals from using these mobility scooters.