Reasons for Reluctance on Hybrids


As more and more vehicles with alternative fuel sources become more available, the greater the opportunity for the environment to recover from the long standing effects of pollution. The choice of purchasing a hybrid vehicle has become synonymous with responsible for one’s environmental footprint on Earth.

Hybrids are gaining ground, as more coverage and purchases has increased its popularity in recent times. It is for this reason that some hybrid models released in 2011, such as the Nissan Leaf, had been sold out even before they become commercially available. The increase in their popularity has made vehicles of this platform become commonplace on many roadways.

There are many reasons why many are still reluctant as to purchasing and investing in a hybrid vehicle. The following are the most common excuses why individuals still do not want to go green, so to speak.

  1. Bullied into Environmentalism. Everyone seems to be going environmental in some part of their life and even in mass media. There is no hard sell acceptance on this, as one can join the green movement incrementally. One step in this going green is purchasing a hybrid vehicle, a small step with a great effect. This transport platform produce lower amounts of carbon emissions, thus your share in the green revolution.
  2. Sentimental Value. Many refuse to let go of their gas guzzlers because of the memories made with the car. Others find the design of the new generation vehicles too futuristic for comfort. Do remember that one can create new memories and have a new relationship with your hybrid vehicle. Also, the designs have become nearer to current conventional designs leaving many to be befuddled as to what lies under the hood for many hybrid vehicles.
  3. Fear of Being Stuck. This is one of the greatest issues when it comes to alternative fuel vehicles such as hybrids. Aside from improving the vehicle technology, many companies are scrambling to provide support services. Furthermore, having a dual engine set up allows for both gasoline and electricity to power the vehicle, extending the range and ability to complete the journey. Thus, being stuck only happens if you lose all power sources and your car’s ability to decide on the engine to use.
  4. Using a Hybrid has little effect. It has been found that nearly seventy percent of all oil consumed is used for transportation. Compared to the number of internal combustion engine cars, there is a staggering difference in population numbers. While it may seem that it is small, the daily savings on oil would eventually add up leading to greater environmental advantage in the long run.
  5. Too Expensive. Many think that hybrids are too expensive. Many fail to realize that this is a front loaded expense that can eventually be recouped with the use and efficient consumption of the vehicle. The initial payment, together with the existing federal tax credits would eventually be recovered in a short time compared to the continued increasing cost of fuel at the gas pump.

These are the common excuses why people refuse to change their lives for the better. Flimsy as they are, these are the justifications to why hybrids are better choices for you and the future.