New York’s Finest Upgrades to Electric Vehicles


When New Yorkers think of cop cars, their concept would be the Ford Crown Victoria or the 1974 Dodge Monaco in the hit film “The Blues Brothers”. In other countries, the common police vehicle would be the Dodge Challenger and the Lamborghini Gallardo in Italy, but the costs of maintaining and fueling these police cars would not help in the overall budget for police administration.

Now, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has decided to take environmentalism as well as efficiency to another level when he announced recently the purchase of the city of fifty (50) 2011 Chevrolet Volts. These electric cars would perform police duties and would add on to an already burgeoning New York electric vehicle fleet numbering 430.

The Chevrolet Volt is a plug in hybrid which means it has both a regular internal combustion engine as well as an electric motor to power the car. The current rating of the Volt is 35 miles per full electrical charge so it can cover an entire shift without using the internal combustion engine. Should the situation arise where pursuit is needed, the Volts can give chase, able to travel 350 miles using the on board gasoline range extender.

The vehicles would be used for traffic enforcement purposes. Given the congestion in New York’s thoroughfares, the probability of having to use the range extender would be quite small. Other Volts would be assigned to the New York Fire Department as non-emergency vehicles among others. In the near future, the city would add another ten (10) Ford Transit Connect electric vehicles and ten (10) Navi-Star trucks to its fleet.

In his statement, Mayor Bloomberg said, “This is the latest and largest ever addition of electric vehicles to the City’s fleet, which is already the largest municipal clean-air vehicle fleet in the nation.” He further added, “We will continue to lead by example, but we also must provide New Yorkers with tools to make environmentally friendly choices in their own lives.”