2012 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus ST
Ford Focus ST

While many other electric cars would have avante garde or anime cartoon styling, one of the very few stylish electric cars on the roads today would be the 2012 Ford Focus Electric. The new offering from Ford would be available in major car markets, such as California, New York and New Jersey. The same vehicles would be available in nineteen other locations by the fall season.

What differentiates the Ford Focus Electric is its nearly identical look to the fuel version, with only the small Electric badge as the only difference to identify that under the hood is an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. The seats are low and conform well to body, making the ride completely normal. There are no eclectic electronic dashboard lights, artificial start up sounds, special shifter gizmos or high tech Eco modes. When at the driver’s seat, all that needs to be done is to choose between standard automatic selections of park, drive, low, neutral and reverse.

The main strength of electric vehicles would be their high torque, even at a complete stop, allowing for great acceleration from a standing stop to full speed. The power train is tailor made for highway driving by allowing rapid acceleration between thirty to fifty mph and between fifty five and seventy five mph, with plenty to spare. This was clearly an achievement for Ford auto engineers who targeted individual electric car owners who have trouble shedding their old gasoline car driving habits.

According to Eric Kuehn, Chief Engineer for Global Electrified Programs at Ford, “We wanted the Focus Electric to be a vehicle first, that just happened to be electric.”

Electric cars by nature are quiet as the electric motor only provides a whisper of its whirring while in motion. Ford engineers took it to luxury extremes as it provided extra insulation and sound dampening materials to lower overall road noise to ultra luxury levels even with a 107 kilowatt motor running at eighty five mph. It also has a single speed transmission that allows for direct linear velocity and no delay in response in engaging the motor’s features, unlike an internal combustion engine.

All these improvements result in high efficiency performance at just one third the fuel costs of the standard Ford Focus. Furthermore, the Focus Electric uses a 6.6 kilowatt charger, making charging to full in just a few minutes over four hours when attached to a 240 volt outlet. This also provides for twenty miles of driving range in an hour.

Currently, the Ford Focus Electric has a base sticker price of U.S.$39,995. Deducting the U.S.$7,500 federal tax credit as well as the U.S.$2,500 rebate from the State of California, putting the final price at just about U.S.$30,000, it is still a bit pricey. With an EPA rating of 110 mpg, the premium value would be earned as one uses the Ford Focus Electric.